What is the role of a scholar?

A scholar is a person who pursues academic and intellectual activities, particularly those that develop expertise in an area of study. A scholar may also be an academic, who works as a professor, teacher or researcher at a university or other higher education institution.

How do I become a scholar student?

Here are some tips and resources for acquiring those skills.Memory. If you can’t remember what you’re trying to learn, you’re not really learning. Reading. Good scholars need to be good readers. Writing. Writing is an essential part of scholarship. Speaking. Numeracy. Empathy. Time Management.

What is another word for scholar?

Synonyms foracademic.critic.doctor.intellectual.philosopher.professor.scientist.student.

What scholar means?

1 : a person who attends a school or studies under a teacher : pupil. 2a : a person who has done advanced study in a special field. b : a learned person. 3 : a holder of a scholarship.

What does it mean to be a good scholar?

True scholarship is the highest form of academic achievement. These experts possess traits that push them to continually strive for excellence. They use empirical evidence to draw their conclusions and take a scientific and well-reasoned approach to their work at all times. This is not always true of academics.

How would you describe a scholar?

Here are some adjectives for scholars: glib french, year-old first-class, tolerable german, highly respectable and erudite, indifferent classical, excellent classical, calm, chaste, eminent egyptian, polite, helpful, thorough classical, capital mathematical, mild, enthusiastic, good classical, tolerable french, unusual …

What are good adjectives to describe a student?

1. Personality: ambitious, sincere, responsible, sophisticated, outspoken, considerate, modest, eloquent, energetic, thoughtful, obliging, sociable, assertive, attentive, outgoing, pleasant, gentle, courteous, punctual, trustworthy, cheerful, easy-going, well-behaved, calm. 2.

What is the meaning of eminent?

Eminent definitions Outstanding or remarkable. The definition of eminent is someone or something that rises above or is distinguished or outstanding.