What is the price of a Toyota Yaris 2014?

The 2014 Yaris ranges from about $9,990 for the manual L base trim to about $11,150 for the automatic LE trim. Specific prices vary based on condition, mileage, and demand.

How safe is a 2014 Toyota Yaris?

4 star2014 Toyota Yaris / Overall NHTSA safety rating

Why was Yaris discontinued?

Both Mazda2-based Yaris models were discontinued in the U.S. in June 2020 due to new regulations and slow sales. In July, Toyota confirmed that sales were also ending in Canada.

What will replace Toyota Yaris?

Mazda-based sedan and hatchback won’t return for 2021. The Yaris just can’t catch a break. Last year it was reported that the hatchback version would be discontinued for the U.S. market. That proved kind of true, as the Toyota-designed Yaris was axed but replaced by a rebadged Mazda2 hatch.

What is replacing Yaris?

Toyota Is Replacing the Old Yaris with a Rebadged Mazda 2 Hatchback. Like the current Yaris sedan, it’s looking like the 2020 Yaris hatch will also be built by Mazda. It seems that Toyota and Mazda’s partnership on subcompacts is expanding to include the hatchback version of the Yaris.

Does Toyota Yaris have reversing camera?

The new Toyota Yaris makes it easier to see what’s going on behind you thanks to its rear-mounted reversing camera. Fitted as standard to Icon, Sport and Excel models as part of the Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system, it gives you an extra set of eyes to keep your car free of bumps and scrapes.

Does Yaris Cross have reversing camera?

The entry-level Toyota Yaris Cross, known as the Icon, sits on 16-inch alloy wheels and features automatic lights, keyless entry and a reversing camera.

Which is better Yaris or Corolla?

Both of these vehicles provide efficient performance, but the subcompact Yaris offers the better fuel economy. The base trim Yaris has an EPA rating of 32 mpg city / 40 mpg highway, while the Corolla mpg is rated at 28 mpg city / 36 mpg highway.

How many keys does a new Toyota Yaris come with?

Therefore, we highly recommend having at least two new cut keys and program both of them. That is only relevant when you don’t have a key at all. In case you have a working key, and just need a duplicate, both keys will work.

Is a Toyota Yaris a good car?

The Toyota Yaris is a solid little sedan with surprisingly good handling chops, a nice-looking interior and usable trunk. But it compromises a bit of comfort for those performance gains, and it doesn’t have the feature availibility you can find in some competitors. This is a fun city runabout with good value. How does the Yaris drive?

What makes Toyota Yaris so special?

typical european build quality with safety ( 7 airbags standard )

  • Good driverability of engine in city ( low and mid range are good ) with 6 speed gear box.
  • NVH are good. Suspension setup is firm,good ride&handling .
  • AUtomatic is available at every trim.
  • Does Toyota still make Yaris?

    Both Yaris and Yaris Hatchback have been discontinued, making 2020 the last model year for each vehicle. If you’re a current Yaris or Yaris Hatchback owner, you’ll still receive great service from your local Toyota Service Center. Toyota Yaris Cross debuts in Japan – 1.5L Dynamic Force engines with hybrid and 4WD variants!