What is the meaning of eye filling?

visually attractive
Definition of eye-filling : visually attractive : eye-appealing.

How do you use eyeful in a sentence?

While she was moving around the stage her top slipped, giving viewers an eyeful with their morning coffee. The folks on a guided Hollywood tour the day that Michael Jackson died, for example, got an eyeful when the pop superstar was wheeled out to a waiting ambulance while the tour bus was parked outside.

What does Full mean?

adj. 1. holding or containing as much as possible; filled to capacity or near capacity. 2. abundant in supply, quantity, number, etc: full of energy.

What does in your eye mean?

in (one’s) eye(s) In someone’s estimation or opinion. I can’t help but feel like a failure in their eyes. In my eye, Jake, you’re the most wonderful man on the planet.

What is the meaning of eyes beam?

: a radiant glance of the eye.

What is the meaning of word re dressed?

noun. the setting right of what is wrong: redress of abuses. relief from wrong or injury. compensation or satisfaction for a wrong or injury.

What is the seductress?

Definition of seductress : a woman who seduces.

How do you say full of?


  1. abound.
  2. be crawling with.
  3. be full of.
  4. be numerous.
  5. be plentiful.
  6. be prolific.
  7. bear.
  8. brim.

Is it full of or full with?

Full of is used when referring to abstract nouns. Their tense is different. “Filled with” implies action, in past tense. “Full of” does not imply action, nor does it require a doer.

When a girl has a twinkle in her eye?

1. A facial expression that denotes happiness, amusement, or knowledge of a secret.

What is Twinkle eye?

Definition of a twinkle in one’s eye : a friendly or happy expression in one’s eyes He always talks about his children with a twinkle in his eye. Her grandchildren put a twinkle in her eye.

What is the meaning of Eyeful?

Definition of eyeful 1 : a full or completely satisfying view 2 : one that is visually attractive especially : a strikingly beautiful woman

What is the meaning of the word eye level?

Definition of eye level. : a level that is as high as a person’s eyes He hung the picture at eye level.

What does it mean to have a spiritual eye?

Mostly, the meanings of a spiritual eye come from what you think. You should relate each meaning to your real life. You’ll see a spiritual eye when you meditate or even in your dreams. It comes to enlighten you and make your life better. So, here are nine meanings of seeing or having a spiritual eye. 1. You are Focused 2. It’s a Vision 3.

What does it mean when you see an eye eye?

Eye symbolism also carries somewhat prophetic messages. Think of fortune-tellers and wise shamans who experience visions of the future. To “see” is truly a gift. Ancient alchemists and astrologers, among other mystics, recognized the stars high up in the sky as great seers capable of foretelling events.