What is the lowest post in IAS?

Designations held by an IAS officer

  • Sub-Divisional Officer(SDO)/ Sub-Divisional Magistrate(SDM)/ Joint Collector/ Chief Development Officer(CDO)
  • District Magistrate(DM)/District Collector/Deputy Commissioner.
  • Divisional Commissioner.
  • Member Board of Revenue.
  • Chairman Board of Revenue.

What kind of essays are asked in IAS?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of essays – formal and informal. In the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), we are concerned with the formal essay. The formal essay is relatively impersonal, the author writes it as an authority and such essays tend to be less emotional.

What is the highest post in UPSC?

Cabinet Secretary

Does 12th Percentage matter in UPSC?

No class 12 marks don’t matter for SSC and UPSC. The eligibility for civil services is that you should hold a Bachelor’s degree from any recognised institution in respective subjects.

At what age IAS officers retire?

The age of retirement is 60 years and not 58 as mentioned. The IAS &IPS have looted India in the last 74 yrs. of Independence.

Do IAS IPS get pension?

Do new IAS officers get a pension? No. The pension facility for all government employees (except armed forces) has been revamped from 1 Jan 2004. So, IAS officers and other government employees joining after 1 Jan 2004 have to contribute 10% of their salary for the pension and the Govt adds 14% towards it.

Which is the first post of IAS?

sub-divisional magistrate

How many IAS are in UP?


Which state gives most IAS?

This article gives you an idea about which state produces the most IAS officers in India….Home States of IAS Officers in India.

Home State No. of IAS Officers in service in India
Uttar Pradesh 717
Bihar 452
Rajasthan 322
Tamil Nadu 318