What is the longest running Broadway show?

The Phantom of the Opera

Where did burlesque originate from?


What is another name for variety?

SYNONYMS FOR variety 1 diversity, multiplicity. 3 assortment, collection, group. 4 kind, sort, class, species.

What was vaudeville and why did it become popular?

What was vaudeville, and why did it become popular? Vaudeville was a type of inexpensive variety show that first appeared in the 1870s. Vaudeville performances consisted of comic sketches, song and dance routines, magic arts etc. There was nothing else like it anywhere in the world so it attracted many people.

What is a variety theater?

Definition of ‘variety theatre’ 1. a. a variety entertainment consisting of songs, comic turns, etc. US and Canadian name: vaudeville.

What is the difference between West End and Broadway?

The difference is, Broadway refers to New York City and the West End is London’s equivalent. Just as Broadway represents mainstream professional theater in the larger houses of New York City within a specific proximity, the West End is an area of London where their Broadway-caliber shows are staged.

Who came to variety entertainment?

Ans: Pupils from other classes, members of staff, parents and guests came to see the Variety Entertainment. 5. What did Pratap announce to the audience?

What is the purpose of variety?

Pranay. The purpose of a variety show is to show our Talent and also want and you can also entertain the people that come to see your show.

How did vaudeville get its name?

The word vaudeville is derived from an old French term for a satirical song, vaudevire, which is a reference to the Vire valley of France, where the songs originated. In the United States vaudeville acts performed variety shows, using music, comedy, dance, acrobatics, magic, puppets, and even trained animals.

What is the meaning of vaudeville?

1 : a light often comic theatrical piece frequently combining pantomime, dialogue, dancing, and song. 2 : stage entertainment consisting of various acts (such as performing animals, comedians, or singers)

Why was vaudeville so popular?

For many, vaudeville was the first exposure to the cultures of people living right down the street. Some of the most famous vaudeville performers began at an early age. Their acts were a form of assimilation, in which they could become active parts of popular culture through representations of their heritage.

What is vaudeville quizlet?

Vaudeville. Vaudeville: a theatrical genre of variety entertainment . Made up of a series of separate, unrelated acts grouped together. (

What is the difference between vaudeville and burlesque?

The two forms were hatched in the same place at the same time (19th century America) by largely the same people, but whereas Vaudeville presented many more diverse types of acts, which were for the most part “clean”, Burlesque focused on beautiful females who sang, danced, and clowned (and in later years stripped).

What ended the vaudeville type of shows?

The standardized film distribution and talking pictures of the 1930s confirmed the end of vaudeville. By 1930, the vast majority of formerly live theatres had been wired for sound, and none of the major studios were producing silent pictures.

What are examples of variety?

Variety is an assortment or the state of having many different things. An example of variety is when you have purple flowers, blue flowers, green flowers and flowers of a whole bunch of other colors. The quality or condition of being various or varied; diversity. We need to add some variety to the program.

What makes a good variety show?

Good shows have an interesting story and characters with good sets and shots. A good show can have a small continuity error or make me wonder why a character didn’t do something small that seems odd but didn’t really affect the main plot. A great show never does.

How many Broadway Theatres are there?


Why is vaudeville important?

Vaudeville shows educated audiences about what behavior was acceptable for the middle class, acting as a vehicle for social progress and hierarchical definition. At the same time as vaudeville was redefining the American middle class, it opened up new opportunities for a select few to climb up the social ladder.

Why is sentence variety important?

Varying the subject from sentence to sentence is a more simple way to avoid repetition in your writing. Using this sentence variety technique also forces you to write about different subjects in more creative ways. Mixing short and long sentences together will make you a better writer.

What killed vaudeville?

The great financial depression of the 1930s and the growth of radio and later of television contributed to the rapid decline of vaudeville and to its virtual disappearance after World War II.

What are the similarities of vaudeville and cabaret?

Both are theatrical entertainment performed on a stage, usually in bars where audiences could also grab alcoholic drinks. Vaudeville and Cabaret shows involve singers, musicians, Poets, Composers, and Comedian Actors whose performances are not related to each other.

Does vaudeville still exist?

But vaudeville itself is gone. It was a magical era when people around the country could see a potpourri of talent that included some of the biggest names in the business.