What is the foot strut merger?

The STRUT– COMMA merger or the STRUT–schwa merger is a merger of /ʌ/ with /ə/ that occurs in Welsh English and some higher-prestige Northern England English. Also usual in General American, the merger causes minimal pairs such as unorthodoxy /ʌnˈɔːrθədɒksi/ and an orthodoxy /ənˈɔːrθədɒksi/ to be merged.

What is the strut vowel?

This would be what we call the STRUT vowel: the short vowel in such disparate words as strut, cut, fudge, tough, won, one, ton, love, above, blood and run. It’s a challenge for a beginning English reader to see how one sound can be represented in so many ways.

What is a nurse vowel?

The NURSE-vowel occurs in words like ‘turn’, ‘word’ and ‘bird. It is no longer predictable and some languages don’t have the vowel.

What is the trap vowel?

One of the short English vowels is the vowel that occurs in the word “trap.” We therefore call it the TRAP-vowel The TRAP-vowel can be used to convey a particular meaning, as in the minimal pairs, “head-had,” “beg-bag,” and “pen-pan.” In contrast, many other languages do not have the TRAP-vowel in their inventory.

What does goose fronting sound like?

GOOSE-fronting is a process by which the close back rounded vowel /uː/ is produced with a much more front tongue gesture, so instead of old-fashioned RP /uː/, the speaker produced something more like the close central rounded vowel [ʉː]; this symbol is know as “barred u”.

What is a flattened vowel?

flat a in British English phonetics. the vowel sound of a as in the usual US or S Brit pronunciation of hand, cat, usually represented by the symbol (æ)

Is ʌ unrounded?

The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is ⟨ʌ⟩, graphically a rotated lowercase “v” (called a turned V but created as a small-capital ⟨ᴀ⟩ without the crossbar)….

Open-mid back unrounded vowel
IPA Number 314
Entity (decimal) ʌ

What is nurse merger?

Nurse mergers The fern–fir–fur merger is the merger of as many as five Middle English vowels /ɛ, ɪ, ʊ, ɜ, ə/ into one vowel when historically followed by /r/ in the coda of a syllable.

How do you pronounce cure?


  1. IPA: /kyʁ/
  2. Rhymes: -yʁ

Why do Northerners say bath?

It is the debate which has divided the north and south for years: “What is the right way to say bath?” The short vowel version, the northern way, may not be “the right way”, but it came first by a decent stretch. But the vast differences between British accents go much deeper than the pronunciation of just one word.

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What is the split of the foot and strut?

The FOOT – STRUT split is the split of Middle English short /u/ into two distinct phonemes: /ʊ/ (as in foot) and /ʌ/ (as in strut ). The split occurs in most varieties of English, the most notable exceptions being most of Northern England and the English Midlands and some varieties of Hiberno-English.

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