What is the first question Rolf asks Azucena?

What is the first question Rolf asks Azucena? Where do you live? How do you hurt? Are you alone?

What is the purpose of and of Clay Are We Created?

If we think of these words from the author herself, clearly we could argue that the purpose of this story is to try and communicate the meaning of Azucena’s life and death.

What is the theme of man in the water?

Short essay about an unknown man who saved the life of strangers during an airplane crash over a river. He became a hero. Theme: Never be unselfish, try to do something good that will make others feel motivated of your actions.

What is the moral of the man in the well?

The main themes in “The Man in the Well” are identity and responsibility. The children in the story have no problem being unkind toward the man, telling him that “their dad is almost here” (Sher 118), until the man learns the names of the kids, revealing their identities.

What is the relationship between Rolf and Azucena?

He… Rolf and Azucena share a dynamic relationship in “And of Clay Are We Created” by Isabel Allende. Originally, when Rolf arrives at the site of the mudslide he is working as a reporter for a major news outlet, but he leaves a changed man. He locates Azucena, the little girl partially buried in the clay.

What is the main idea of the leap?

The theme of “The Leap” by Louise Erdrich is that survival often depends upon the ability to use reason. The narrator’s mother exhibits quick-thinking when lightning strikes the tent pole during her trapeze act with her first husband.

What does the pump symbolize in and of clay we are created?

And all the while Rolf Carle kept pleading for a pump.” The pump symbolizes the lack of humanity. Humans bring in all the technology that they had but could not bring the one item that was needed, which was a pump. The viewers thought that social media and new casting was more important rather than saving Azucena.

What are the leaps in the story the leap?

What are the three leaps that Anna takes in the story? 1) The literal leap on the trapeze; 2) the figurative leap of learning to read and starting a new life; and 3) the literal leap from the tree to the window during the fire.