What is the difference between Suica and PASMO?

The only difference between PASMO and SUICA is who sells them. SUICA is from JR East, and PASMO is from Tokyo-area non-JR rail operators, including Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. Wherever you can use SUICA, you can use PASMO, and vice versa.

Does PASMO card work on JR line?

Pasmo cards are IC cards rigged up for prepaid use in the Tokyo metropolitan area’s subways, trains, buslines and streetcars. They are easy to get hold of and use, and their coverage is great: they work on both JR (Japan Railways) and private train lines in and around Tokyo.

Can I use Suica in Kyoto?

Yes, it can. Suica cards can be used anywhere the Suica IC card logo is displayed. It can also be used in convenience stores and vending machines outside of the Tokyo area. You cannot use the Suica to travel between Tokyo and Osaka, but you can use it to travel within cities such as Osaka and Kyoto.

Does PASMO card expire?

A PASMO shall expire if it is not replaced, used or topped up for a period of 10 years beginning from the day following the last such transaction.

What is the best way to get around in Tokyo?

Subways and trains are the best way to get around Tokyo. A prepaid Suica or Pasmo card is the BEST way to pay for transport. You can buy a Suica card online at Voyagin.com for pickup at the airport. Taxis are excellent but rather expensive.

Where can you use Pasmo?

PASMO PASSPORT can be used for trains and buses in the Kanto area and across all of Japan.

Where is Pasmo accepted?

Does Pasmo work in Osaka?

Smart cards like Icoca, Suica and Pasmo are generally valid across Japan, so don’t worry about which one you buy. You can use Icoca/Pasmo/Suica for all trains, subways and buses in Osaka. You can also use Icoca/Pasmo/Suica at many shops, especially convenience stores.

Can I use Suica for Shinkansen?

Additional tickets must be purchased to use the Suica for travel on a limited express, express or Green Car. The Suica cannot be used for travel on the Shinkansen.

What does PASMO stand for?

Pasmo (パスモ, Pasumo, stylized as PASMO) is a rechargeable contactless smart card electronic money system. It is primarily used for public transport in Tokyo, Japan, where it was introduced on March 18, 2007. Pasmo can also be used as a payment card for vending machines and stores.

Can you get money back from PASMO card?

If you no longer need your PASMO, it can be refunded. It is also possible to refund the Commuter Pass cost on its own and switch to a Personalized PASMO card. The card must be returned. Stored fare balances cannot be refunded on their own.