What is the default Dbsnmp password Oracle?

ORACLE creates a default account with the user ID “DBSNMP” and password “ORACLE”.

How do I fix Ora 01017?

There are a few ways to resolve the ORA-01017 error:

  1. Check the username and password are correct.
  2. Oracle 11g passwords are case sensitive, so ensure that your connection string caters for this.
  3. Check the database link setup if you’re using a database link.

What is Dbsnmp user in Oracle?

Answer: The DBSNMP user is used by the OEM intelligent agent to logon automatically to remote servers, to provide information for Oracle Enterprise Manager. The dnsmp user must have the select any dictionary system privilege which allows the dbsnmp user to read the passwords from sys.

What is Dbsnmp schema in Oracle?

DBSNMP. The account used by the Management Agent component of Oracle Enterprise Manager to monitor and manage the database.

What is return code 28000 in Oracle audit?

Answer: The Oracle oerr utility notes this about the ORA-28000 error: ORA-28000: the account is locked.

What is sysman account in Oracle?

The SYSMAN account is the default super user account used to set up and administer Enterprise Manager. It is also the database account that owns the objects stored in the Oracle Management Repository.

What is Ctxsys user in Oracle?

While any user can create an Oracle Text index and enter a CONTAINS query, Oracle Text provides the CTXSYS user for administration and the CTXAPP role for application developers. This section contains the following sections: CTXSYS User. CTXAPP Role. Granting Roles and Privileges to Users.

What is the default SYS password in Oracle 12c?

CHANGE_ON_INSTALL is default password for sys and system. You can directly login to database as sysdba from host machine and using installation user of oracle and execute below command to change system or sys password.