What is the best thing about Stanford?

Stanford offers great value and helps students who need financial aid. Stanford recently placed in the top five for U.S. News and World Report’s latest list of the Top Value Colleges — a ranking that combines schools’ affordability and education quality.

Is Harvard or Stanford better?

Harvard: Rankings. Stanford has an advantage when it comes to ranking. Both schools have few points of difference on various ranking lists. For example, QS World University ranks Stanford #1 and Harvard #5 for the best business schools in 2020.

Is Columbia better than Stanford?

Both Columbia and Stanford are ranked among the top 10 in the world . Your choice should depend on your academic goals, preferred environment, and of course, the financial package. Columbia is more rigorous and more academic with a liberal arts core, Stanford is more stem and sports mix.

What famous person went to Stanford?

Stanford’s most famous alumni include U.S. President Herbert Hoover; Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy, Stephen Breyer, and William Rehnquist; actress Jennifer Connelly; entrepreneur Charles Schwab; Hewlett-Packard cofounders Bill Hewlett and David Packard; author John Steinbeck; and athletes …

Is Stanford harder to get into than Harvard?

Get ready for some California love, because Stanford University is the toughest college in the nation to get into. Yes, even harder than Harvard. A whopping 42,487 students—the most in Stanford’s history—applied for a spot in the class of 2019.

What rapper went to Stanford?

1. Ice Cube. Rapper, actor and filmmaker Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson, Sr.), originally rising to fame as a member of the hip-hop group C.I.A., and then N.W.A., eventually built a successful solo career in music and film.

Who is the smartest rapper?

Aesop Rock

Who is the most educated rapper?

10 Most Educated Rappers in Hip HopDiddy. Diddy attended Howard University, splitting his time between classes and an internship with Uptown Records in New York, but he ended up dropping out of the university to pursue a a career.Common. Lil’ Wayne. Rick Ross. J. Rah Digga. Ludacris. Flavor Flav and Chuck D.