What is Summer Sonic in Japan?

The Summer Sonic Festival (サマーソニック, Samā Sonikku), also known as Supersonic, is an annual two- or three-day rock festival held at the same time in Osaka and Chiba, Japan. The majority of the bands playing in Osaka the first day go to Chiba the following day and vice versa.

Where is Summer Sonic festival?

Summer Sonic, one of Japan’s premier music events, is a two-day rock festival that’s held simultaneously in both Tokyo and Osaka.

Is Chiba part of Tokyo?

Chiba Prefecture is located on Japan’s eastern Pacific coast to the east of Tokyo, and is part of the Greater Tokyo Area, the most populous metropolitan area in the world.

Can you transit through Japan Covid?

You will be permitted to use public transportation to travel to your home, etc. so that you may quarantine there, but only within the 24 hours after the test taken upon entry to Japan. Quarantine at home, etc.

What is special about Chiba Japan?

Chiba is indeed famous for “peanuts”, but in fact apart from that, Chiba Prefecture with its mild climate and fertile land surrounded by a generous sea is also the reservoir of various ingredients including vegetables such as daikon radish, carrot and others, fruits like Japanese plum and pear as well as marine …

What is Chiba Japan famous for?

Adjacent to Tokyo, Chiba is best known for being home to Japan’s two Disney parks, but the area overflows with natural beauty both inland and by the sea. Stretching 66 kilometers along Chiba’s coast is Kujukuri Beach, Japan’s longest stretch of sandy coastline, ideal for watersports.

Is Summer Sonic coming back to Osaka?

Summer Sonic Osaka. Summer Sonic is back for the 20th Anniversary and the names this year are better than ever. Featuring some of the biggest acts from around the world, the festival is held simultaneously in Chiba and Osaka, with acts switching days – so you won’t miss out, whichever you choose.

What is Summer Sonic Festival?

Summer Sonic Festival was founded in 2000 in Japan, with a focus on major national and international acts. Among the first bands in 2000’s lineup were 311, Arrested Development, At the Drive-In, Ben Folds Five, and Coldplay .

How many more artists are coming to Summer Sonic Tokyo?

Eight more artists to be added to Summer Sonic Tokyo! Official 2DAY advance tickets with special benefits are now available! Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat, Jamie & CHANMINA) [Remix]

Why is Summer Sonic 2021 cancelled?

It was replaced by an event called Supersonic, which was cancelled in both 2020 and 2021 due to COVID, so music fans in Osaka will be hanging out for some festival action. Summer Sonic is known for featuring some of the biggest acts from around the world.