What is RPC in Python?

Python – Remote Procedure Call – Remote Procedure Call (RPC) system enables you to call a function available on a remote server using the same syntax which is used when calling a function in a × Home

How many Python GUI projects with the source code solved?

In this article, I will introduce you to 15+ Python GUI projects with the source code solved and explained. Python is one of the most popular programming languages and is mainly used in tasks related to machine learning, analysis, and web development.

How to become an expert in Python?

These 15+ Python projects with source code will allow you to become an expert in Python: There are so many libraries for creating graphical user interface applications using Python, most of the above projects are solved using Tkinter, Kivy, Turtle, and even Pygame.

Which toolkit is used for GUI programming in Python?

We can use any of the following toolkits in Python for GUI programming. 1. Tkinter: Tkinter is a standard package used for GUI programming in Python. This is built on top of the Tk interface. 2. PyQt: PyQt is a Python toolkit binding of the Qt toolkit.

How to interface Python with C using ctypes?

The steps for interfacing Python with C using Ctypes. are: 1 write C code functions 2 compile the C code as a shared library 3 write some Python lines of code to “extract” the C functions from the library 4 run! More

How to integrate Python with C?

The steps for interfacing Python with C using Ctypes. are: run! As an example of C function, we write a simple function that takes as input an array of double and return the square. It is evident that such a simple function (that calculates the square of an array) does not justify the use of C, but it is a good place to start.

How to run a remote procedure from another machine in Python?

So in python we can treat one machine as a server and another machine as a client which will make a call to the server to run the remote procedure. In our example we will take the localhost and use it as both a server and client. The python language comes with an in-built server which we can run as a local server.