What is replacing TRACE 700?

TRACE 700 customers should plan on transitioning to the TRACE 3D Plus platform as soon as possible to make use of the latest visualization technologies and to utilize the Department of Energy developed EnergyPlus simulation engine.

Is TRACE 700 being phased out?

TRACE® 700 is currently being phased out. TRACE 700 has become the industry standard for HVAC system design as well as energy and economic analysis over the past 20 plus years. The TRACE 700 family of products are in the process of being sunset as customers migrate to the updated technology platform TRACE 3D Plus.

Is Trane Trace free?

A free, 30-day trial version of TRACE 700 can be downloaded from the Download Center on trane.com. The trial version has some limitations: Only 20 rooms can be entered (the 20-room limit also applies when importing a gbXML file into TRACE).

What is Trane Tracer?

The Tracer® SC is an intelligent field panel that communicates with unit controllers (LON or BACnet) that provide standalone control of HVAC equipment. The Tracer® SC scans all unit controllers to update information and coordinate building control, including building subsystems such as VAV and chilled water systems.

What is Tracer TU?

Tracer® TU is the service tool for Trane’s BACnet controllers. Trane provides a no-fee license for the TU Balancing Tool.

Is Trane Tracer a BACnet?

Tracer SC+ natively communicates to BACnet® and LonTalk controllers and is listed as a BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) by BACnet Test Labs (BTL). Tracer SC+ supports Trane Air-Fi™ Wireless, providing standard wireless BACnet over Zigbee™ building automation between Trane BACnet controllers and zone sensors.

What is Tracer synchrony?

Accessible from most PCs, tablets, and smartphones, Tracer® Synchrony® eliminates the need for a dedicated computer and monitor so you can manage system performance whenever and wherever it is convenient.

What is Tracer ensemble?

Tracer™ Ensemble Tracer Ensemble is a web-enabled enterprise-wide building management system that provides: A remote enterprise view of your entire organization. Greater productivity for daily operation and troubleshooting. Enhanced energy management. More profitable tenant solutions.

What is Tracer SC?

What is a tracer SC+?

Tracer® SC+ is a powerful building automation system for your facility that will integrate systems to simplify command and give you better control over comfort and energy efficiency.