What is present participle of pedir?

The participle for pedir is pedido.

What is the past participle of pedir?


Spanish English
Infinitive pedir to ask for, to request, to order (e.g. food)
Past participle pedido asked for
Gerund pidiendo asking for

Is pedir subjunctive or indicative?

Present Subjunctive Tense
Pedir: Present Subjunctive Tense.

What is the negative command for pedir?

Don’t request!

inglés vosotros/-as
Affirmative Imperative Request! pedid
Negative Commands Don’t request! no pidáis

Is pedir a stem-changing verb?

Pedir (to ask / to order) is a stem-changing semi-regular verb in El Presente.

What is the conjugation of venir?

Venir Present Indicative In the present indicativetense, the first person singular conjugation of the verb venir is irregular, and other conjugations are stem-changing, which means that the e in the stem of the verb changes to iewhen it is in a stressed syllable.

What is the participle of Pedir?

Lesson Summary. The verb pedir means ‘to ask for’ or ‘to order’. This verb is irregular in the indicative present tense, with an -e to -i shift for all pronouns except nosotros and vosotros. The gerund form used for the present progressive tense also has an -e to -i shift. The participle for the verb, however, is regular.

What is the present progressive tense of the verb Pedir?

The present progressive tense is used to talk about things that are happening right now. This tense requires the helping verb estar and the Spanish form of the gerund, which for pedir is pidiendo.

What is the difference between Pedir and gerund?

For this form of the verb, the helping verb changes according to the subject used, but the gerund always remains the same. Here are some examples of pedir in present progressive tense: Están pidiendo mil dólares para la construcción. (They are asking for a thousand dollars for the construction.) No estoy pidiendo el pescado porque no se ve fresco.