What is pom in dance team?

A dance squad or dance team, sometimes called a pom squad or song team, is a team of participants that participates in competitive dance. A dance squad can also include: a jazz squad, ballet squad, or any kind of religion dance squad. Dance squads are a type of performance dance.

What type of dance is pom?

Pom dance incorporates other styles of dance such as jazz, hip hop and sometimes lyrical or modern and is highly technical, therefore pom dancers usually have extensive training in dance technique through a dance studio. Pom dance teams work on choreography for weeks and will have opportunities to compete.

What is a pom routine?

POM A pom routine incorporates the following characteristics: clean, sharp, strong, precise motions; synchronization; visual effects. It may also include Pom Skills (i.e. pom passes, kick lines, leaps and turns, jumps, etc.). Poms must be used 80% of the routine. Males are not required to utilize poms.

What is the difference between poms and cheerleading?

What is the difference between pom dance (spiritline) and cheer? Pom focuses on dance technique, and cheer focuses on stunting, tumbling and “cheer” dance performances as well as sideline cheers.

Is pom the same as cheerleading?

What is poms sport?

Profile Of Mood States (POMS) is a popular tool among sport psychologists who have used it to compare the prevailing moods of elite athletes and non-athletes.

Is poms a sport?

A group of students athletes posing for their team photo. “Poms isn’t a sport.” “I could do poms in my sleep.” “Poms is just a bunch of twerking.” “If poms is a sport, then chess also has to be a sport.” Those are a few of the things I hear on the daily.

Is pom Pom Dance?

The poms team is dancing. They work on choreography for weeks. They don’t do many lifts and tricks, especially not during football season. They will be the ones doing turns and leaps.

What’s the difference between cheer and pom?