What is plot control?

The user controls the plot of the story as it goes, be it the setting of the story, whom the plot revolves around, how the plot progresses, or the reasoning of the user’s world.

Is control a story game?

Control’s story is a mind-bending journey through psychological horror and supernatural mystery, keeping players equally confused and intrigued for the entire narrative.

What is plot immunity?

Plot immunity is a phenomenon in fiction (particularly serialized fiction, such as television series and comic book s) that allows for major characters – usually the protagonist and/or antagonist – to avoid the consequences of events that would remove them from the plot.

What is plot armor in anime?

Sometimes referred to as “Script Immunity” or a “Character Shield”, Plot Armor is when a main character’s life and health are safeguarded by the fact that he’s the one person who can’t be removed from the story.

Is Control a AAA game?

Control – the AAA third-person action adventure game – is FREE for a limited time!

Is the game Control scary?

It’s really creepy, but it’s not necessarily intended to be frightening. Still, from the atmosphere and the model designs of the building and units to the story’s insane concept, it is definitely one of the creepiest and unnerving games in the last few years.

Does Harry Potter have plot armor?

When a character should die and doesn’t it sometimes glares in retrospect, and in the world of Harry Potter, plot armor applies to several characters. “Plot armor” is a character’s necessity to the story that protects them in life-threatening danger.

How do I stop plot armor?

How to Avoid Using Plot Armor in Your Writing

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Injure Your Characters. You don’t necessarily have to kill your characters when they’re up against a dangerous foe.
  2. Escape Routes Must be Believable.
  3. If a Character’s Death Makes the Most Sense, Then Take the Plunge.

Does Goku Have plot armor?

With the power of being the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku has gained the power of plot convenience armor. No matter how bad things get and the amount of punishment he endures, Goku will be able to get back up and fight against the big bad of the week and take him down.