What is Navigator palette in Photoshop?

The Navigator palette floats above your document and allows you to quickly move around and zoom in and out of your image. A little red box indicates which area of the image you’re currently viewing.

How do I view history in Photoshop?

The History Panel is a tool which creates a chronological top-down view of everything you do in your working session in Photoshop. To access the History Panel, choose Window > History, or click the History Panel tab if it’s already activated in your workspace (highlighted in the Featured image above).

What happens when you click a status in the history palette?

All actions will undo after the selected status, All actions will be deleted before the selected status.

What is the function of Navigator in Photoshop?

The Navigator panel is a tool for monitoring an image; it also makes it easy to zoom and scroll in the image. The usefulness of the panel is that you can keep the current tool active, and, at the same time, zoom in and out of your image.

What is Layer panel?

The Layers panel is where we handle all of our layer-related tasks, from adding and deleting layers to adding layer masks and adjustment layers, changing layer blend modes, turning layers on and off in the document, renaming layers, grouping layers, and anything else that has anything to do with layers.

What is history in Photoshop?

The History panel displays the sequence of Photoshop states recorded during a Photoshop session and its main purpose is to let you manage and access the history states recorded by Photoshop. To select a previous state, just click to select the desired history state to make it active.

What is Photoshop history log?

The History Log is a textual history of the edits that you have made to an image. In other words, Photoshop tracks all the changes that you make and saves them as text. All you need to do is enable this feature, and let Photoshop you the rest! Here are the three basic steps to get you started using the History Log.

What is the history palette?

The History Palette is a log of all the actions you perform within Photoshop. By default, the History Palette contains the last 20 changes to your image. Each time you change the image, a new state is added to the History Palette.

What is the use of palettes?

A palette is both the board on which an artist puts selected colors and also the set of colors themselves. On the Web, choosing the colors you use not only involves understanding which colors work well together but also understanding the capabilities of display screens and browser for displaying the colors you choose.

How can you sharpen an image without changing the Colour?

How can you sharpen an image without changing the colors?

  1. Change sharpen tool blend to luminosity.
  2. Create a layer mask before using the sharpen tool.
  3. Hold the Ctrl key and use the sharpen tool.
  4. First select the area with lasso tool and make a mask for it and then use the sharpen tool.