What is Morton Thiokol called now?

Thiokol Corp. will change its name on Thursday to Cordant Technologies Inc. as the company tries to shed its image as solely a government contractor. Ogden, Utah-based Thiokol’s products include solid rocket propulsion systems and parts for aircraft and industrial turbine engines.

Who owns Thiokol?

Aluminum-maker Alcoa Inc. acquired Salt Lake-based Cordant Technologies Inc., the parent company of Thiokol Propulsion, last May for $2.3 billion. Cordant, now called Alcoa Industrial Components, then had 17,000 workers worldwide in its three business groups: Thiokol Propulsion, Howmet Castings and Huck Fasteners.

Who owned Morton Thiokol?

Thiokol was founded during the Depression. Its main product was discovered by two chemists, J.C. Patrick and Nathan Mnookin, who were trying to invent an inexpensive antifreeze.

Where is Morton Thiokol located?

Morton Thiokol Rocket Testing Facility, Promontory, Utah.

What is ATK in Utah?

ATK Launch Systems—Promontory is located 30 miles northwest of Brigham City, Utah. ATK manufactures solid rocket motors for the Space Shuttle and Minuteman missiles, D-5 missile components, commercial launch (or Castor) motors, advanced flares and pyrotechnics.

Is Bob Ebeling still alive?

Mr. Ebeling died on Monday in Brigham City at 89. His daughter Leslie Serna recalled the morning of the launch in an interview on NPR that day.

Where is Thiokol located?

Where is Thiokol Utah?

The Morton Thiokol rocket display is approx 25 miles from Brigham City on State Route 83. Once you’ve visited the rocket garden you can continue to travel North on State Route 83 and it will take you to Interstate 84 which you may continue into Idaho, or once on 84 you may cut back to the east and re-connect to I-15.

Where is Morton Thiokol in Utah?

What does Northrop Grumman do in Promontory Utah?

PROMONTORY, Utah – Feb. 27, 2020 – Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) successfully conducted a full-scale static fire test of the second stage of its OmegA rocket today in Promontory, Utah.

Where are the solid rocket boosters made?

All booster components use steel cases repurposed from cases used on prior space shuttle flights. The five booster motors are manufactured by Northrop Grumman in Utah. The motors that include the propellant are the largest single component of each booster.