What is Miss Representation summary?

Prominent women from the US, including Katie Couric and Gloria Steinem, discuss sexism in American society and the media.Miss Representation / Film synopsis

What is the thesis of Miss Representation?

A pre-title sequence sets out the central thesis of “Miss Representation”– that the sexual objectification of women onscreen leads to a trivialization and disempowerment of women in the cultural and political process.

Who made Miss Representation?

Jennifer Siebel Newsom
Written and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Miss Representation exposes how mainstream media and culture contribute to the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America.

How long is Miss Representation?

1h 25mMiss Representation / Running time

Where is Miss Representation available?

You are able to stream Miss Representation by renting or purchasing on Vudu.

Does Netflix have Miss Representation?

Rent Miss Representation (2011) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

How do you cite Miss Representation?

Miss Representation. 90 min. version; customized educational footage. [Sausalito, Calif.] : [San Francisco, Calif.]: Ro*co Films Educational ; Girls Club Entertainment, 2011.

Who directed Miss Representation?

Jennifer Siebel NewsomMiss Representation / Director

Who are the directors of Miss Representation?

Where can I watch Miss Representation for free?

Currently you are able to watch “Miss Representation” streaming on Kanopy for free.

Is Miss Representation on prime?

Watch Miss Representation | Prime Video.

Why did Jennifer Siebel Newsom make Miss Representation?

Jennifer Siebel Newsom: I was inspired to make Miss Representation for several reasons. I witnessed an injustice towards women in the media that has worsened over time with the 24–7 news cycle and the advent of infotainment and reality television.