What is Livon serum made of?

Key Ingredients Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane (And) Dimethiconol, Dipheynyl Dimethicone, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Fragrance.

Is Livon serum harmful for hair?

Livon Serum can be used after every hair wash. It does not have any side effects and it is not going to damage your hair.

Does Livon serum contain silicon?

livon contains silicon as its ingredients, it may make your hair shine instantly but after a long run u will spoil your hair with this chemical…..i recommend that you can use any type of mild rinse off conditioners like ultra doux, flex, mrs.

Is Livon serum sulphate free?

It helps you style hair that is unmanageable and so hard to control. This Livon Serum instantly eliminates frizziness….Benefits.

Ideal For Women
Hair Type Dry Hair
Hair Condition All hair
Maximum Shelf Life 36 Months
Sulfate Free Yes

What is natural hair serum?

A completely natural hair serum locks the moisture in the hair and smoothens the hair. Hair serum benefits curly hair by giving it a bounce, shine, and adds volume to the straight hair. The hair smoothening, detangling and anti-frizz properties are the added advantages of a hair serum .

What hair serum contains?

Hair serum is a styling product that coats the surface of your hair. It’s made with a base of silicone, a rubber-like substance that sits on top of your strands. There are different types of hair serums for different hair goals.

Can I use livon daily?

Ans: You can use Livon Hair Serum regularly. But, consult your doctor once for daily usage.

Is Livon serum oil based?

It contains argan oil which helps give a nourishing look to the hair and provides ample nutrition. Livon Serum helps untangle the hair easily and gives a frizz-free look to the hair. It is based on a lightweight formula as compared to earlier Livon silky products.