What is kapangan known for?

Cordillera – Kapangan Benguet heralds the famous Grand March dance. It is also the hometown of the late Gov. Bado Dangwa, one of the prominent Cordillera figures.

When was kapangan established?

June 25, 1963
On June 25, 1963, then-President Diosdado Macapagal issued Executive Order No. 42 converting eight (8) of the thirteen (13) towns (designated as municipal districts) of Benguet sub-province into regular municipalities. Kapangan was among them.

Who is the mayor of kapangan Benguet?


Category Fourth Class Municipality 2015-2021
Region CAR – Cordillera Administrative Region Benguet
Mayor MANNY E. FERMIN 19,361
Website [email protected]
Address Municipal Hall, Kapangan, Benguet Tel: NDA

How many barangays are there in kapangan?

15 barangays
Kapangan has 15 barangays as shown in the following table….Barangays.

Barangay Kapangan Total
Population (2020) 19,297
Population (2015) 19,361
Change (2015‑2020) -0.33%

Where did the name Benguet came from?

When he inquired about it, the native explained that the heavy head covering which the peo ple wore as protection from the searing cold and winds is termed “benget”. With the western accent of the colonizers “benget” was mispronounced as “benguet”.

Is La Trinidad rural?

La Trinidad is politically subdivided into 16 barangays., with 11 classified as urban and 5 as rural.

Is Benguet a rich province?

Benguet lies southernmost in the Cordillera Administrative Region and is known for its rich mineral resources. Over the centuries, gold trading was among the major economic activities in Benguet.

What is the ethnicity of Benguet?

Most (43 percent) of the household population in Benguet classified themselves as Kankanai/Kankaney/Kankanaey. About 29.2 percent considered themselves as Ibaloi and 13.4 percent as Ilocano. Other ethnic groups included Ikalahan (3.7 percent) and Tagalog (2.4 percent).

What is the culture of Baguio?

Nestled in the mountains of Northern Luzon, Baguio City (pop. 350,000) is a colourful, multicultural city full of diversity. Baguio City’s artistic culture ranges from crafts and folk art expressions to woodcarving, silver craft, weaving and tattooing.

What is La Trinidad known for?

La Trinidad in Benguet is often on the list of famous tourist destinations in Northern Luzon for its strawberry fields, colorful houses, and fresh vegetables. The cool weather and proximity to Baguio City also often seal the deal for tourists to visit La Trinidad.