What is Ipoh famous for?

Ipoh, in the state of Perak, is one of the less explored cities in the region despite having a huge number of interesting attractions to offer visitors. Ipoh is known in Malaysia for its old town where you can discover a wealth of interesting history as well as its gorgeous street murals and museums.

What is there to do in Ipoh?

27 Best Things To Do In Ipoh 2022

  • Go Back In Time (Ipoh Tin Mining History)
  • Try Ipoh Famous food.
  • Enjoy Some Greenery (Ipoh Parks)
  • Visit A Limestone Cave Temple.
  • Admire British Colonial Architecture.
  • Explore Tambun Area.
  • Join The Crowds At Ipoh Tourist Hotspots.
  • Spend A day At Sunway Lost World Of Tambun.

What is Ipoh’s most unique feature?

Perak’s capital Ipoh features British colonial architecture, magical temples etched into limestone caves and is Lonely Planet’s ‘lesser-known food capital of Malaysia’.

Is Ipoh worth visiting?

Ipoh is a tourist-centric city with so many things to do and explore since it is a convenient location between Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Also, it is a gateway to Cameron Highlands. The best thing is that you won’t find much crowd in Ipoh as compared to the other parts in Malaysia. So, it is definitely worth a visit.

How big is Ipoh?

248.3 mi²Ipoh / Area

How do you get around Ipoh?

Taking The Bus. Buses in Ipoh are also a convenient and viable option for getting around Ipoh. The main bus station is known as Medan Kidd Bus Station, which is just a 7-minutes walk (or 5-minutes ride by Grab or taxi) from the Ipoh Railway Station.

What is the population of Ipoh?

The current metro area population of Ipoh in 2022 is 842,000, a 1.69% increase from 2021. The metro area population of Ipoh in 2021 was 828,000, a 1.72% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Ipoh in 2020 was 814,000, a 1.75% increase from 2019.

What is the state of Ipoh?

PerakIpoh / State

How far is Ipoh from the beach?

Travelers are voting Gertak Sanggul Beach, Pasir Panjang Beach and Tanjung Bungah Beach as the best of 12 beaches near Ipoh. There are 1 beach near Teluk Kumbar a city just 159 km from Ipoh and 1 beach near Port Dickson which is 307 km distant.

How Safe Is Ipoh?

Selven said Ipoh is definitely a safe place to visit and stay as it has recorded a decrease of crime index since 2015. “In 2015, a total of 2426 cases were recorded as compared to 2206 cases last year. It showed a drop of 220 cases,” he told Ipoh Echo.

Is Ipoh surrounded by mountains?

Ipoh is surrounded by rocky mountains and is known as the ‘mountain city’. It is a bustling city with many distinctive buildings. It is also famous for its Malaysian Chinese cuisine. The old district of Ipoh is the Kinta District between the Sultan Idris Shah and the Sultan Iskandar Road.

Is Ipoh under Perak?

Ipoh (/ˈiːpoʊ/) is the capital city of the Malaysian state of Perak. Located by the Kinta River, it is nearly 180 km (110 mi) north of Kuala Lumpur and 123 km (76 mi) southeast of George Town in neighbouring Penang.

What to do in Ipoh Malaysia?

25 Best Things to Do in Ipoh (Malaysia) 1 1. Visit the Kok Lok Tong Cave Temple. Source: gracethang2 / shutterstock Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple. 2 2. Explore the Lost World of Tambun. 3 3. Check out the Birch Memorial Clock Tower. 4 4. Take a trip to the Gaharu Tea Valley. 5 5. Tour the Ling Sen Tong Temple.

What are the best caves in Ipoh?

Perak Tong Cave is one of the most famous caves in Ipoh and dates from 1926. The cave is best known for its statue of the Buddha that sits inside and soars to a height of 40 feet. You will also find four small temple deities in the cave as well as gorgeous colorful murals on the walls which are also adorned with intricate Chinese calligraphy.

Ipoh is surrounded by a ridge of limestone karsts, within which lie numerous caves and openings. There are over 30 caves in Ipoh, many of which have been turned into Buddhist cave temples, providing a peaceful refuge for prayer and meditation for Buddhist monks.

What are the best Buddhist temples in Ipoh?

The Sam Poh Tong Temple, or the ‘Cavern of Three Precious’, is the oldest and largest Buddhist cave temple in Ipoh. Sam Poh Tong Temple contains many statues of Buddha and again, has some impressive stalactites and stalagmites.