What is IBM spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition?

The Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition provides seamless integration of Spectrum Archive with IBM Spectrum Scale by providing a Spectrum Archive tape tier under Spectrum Scale. Spectrum Scale policies are used to move files between disks and Spectrum Archive tiers without affecting the Spectrum Scale namespace.

How do I install a GPFS file system?


  1. To mount all GPFS file systems on all of the nodes in the cluster, issue this command: mmmount all -a.
  2. To mount file system fs2 read-only on the local node, issue this command: mmmount fs2 -o ro.
  3. To mount file system fs1 on all NSD server nodes, issue this command: mmmount fs1 -N nsdsnodes.

How do I open a GPFS file in Linux?

For details, see the GPFS: Concepts, Planning, and Installation Guide .

  1. Start the daemons on all of the nodes in the cluster by issuing the mmstartup -a command: mmstartup -a.
  2. Check the messages recorded in /var/adm/ras/mmfs.log.latest on one node for verification.

What is spectrum archive primarily used for?

Spectrum Archive eliminates the need for additional tape management and software to access data. Spectrum Archive offers three software solutions for managing your digital files with the LTFS format: Single Drive Edition, Library Edition and Enterprise Edition.

What is GPFS file system Linux?

GPFS is a concurrent file system. It is a product of IBM and is short for General Parallel File System. It is a high-performance shared-disk file system that can provide fast data access from all nodes in a homogenous or heterogenous cluster of IBM UNIX servers running either the AIX or the Linux operating system.

What is GPFS in Linux?

Description. IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS) provides file system services to parallel and serial applications.

Who uses GPFS?

It is used by many of the world’s largest commercial companies, as well as some of the supercomputers on the Top 500 List. For example, it is the filesystem of the Summit at Oak Ridge National Laboratory which was the #1 fastest supercomputer in the world in the November 2019 top500 list of supercomputers.

Why do we need GPFS?

What is GPFS? IBM Spectrum Scale, formerly the General Parallel File System (GPFS) is high-performance clustered file system software developed by IBM in 1998. It was originally designed to support high-streaming applications in the media and entertainment space.

What is GPFS?

During 2020, the AASB finalised amendments requiring most private sector for-profit entities that are required to prepare financial statements to prepare general purpose financial statements (GPFS), applying to annual reporting periods beginning on or after 1 July 2021.

How does GPFS file work?

The IBM® General Parallel File System (GPFS™) is a cluster file system. This means that it provides concurrent access to a single file system or set of file systems from multiple nodes. These nodes can all be SAN attached or a mix of SAN and network attached.