What is crew member appearance authorization swtor?

Use: Applies the selected unlock to all Characters on your Account. Grants all characters on your account access to equipping Companion Customization kits.

How to customize your companion swtor?

If you want to preview companion’s customization just press CTRL + Left Mouse Click. Players can override the starting appearance of the companion by modifying hair, skin tone, eyes and other previously unchangeable physical features.

How do I change my appearance in SWTOR?

You can change your character’s appearance in SWTOR by using the Appearance Designer – in-game tool that uses Cartel Coins instead of credits!

Does companion armor matter Swtor?

Armour on companions is purely cosmetic nowadays. – So it shouldn’t matter if its a piece of green gear dropped from a mob, an orange shell or something you bught off the GTN, it only affects their appearance.

What gifts does Vette like swtor?


Gift Type Reaction Gifts
Cultural Artifact Favorite ♥ ♥ (Second Best) Items
Delicacies None Items
Imperial Memorabilia Like ♥ (Third Best) Items
Luxury Like ♥ (Third Best) Items

How do you get new lightsaber crystals in SWTOR?

You can get crystals from a lot of places some are available from the PVP vendor on the fleet, and the GTN will have a ton of them for sale under the Item Modifications section. Other players can craft them as for you if you ask and provide credits/materials.

How do you get Cartel Coins in SWTOR?

The only way to get Cartel Coins without buying them is to attach a Security Key to your account. This gives you an instant grant of 100 coins, and a loading screen says that you also get another 100 each month.

How can I change my look?

How to Look Different

  1. Get a Haircut. A new haircut can completely transform your face, putting emphasis on different areas of your facial features.
  2. Switch Up Your Glasses.
  3. Energize Your Eyes.
  4. Change Your Hair Colour.
  5. Brighten Your Smile.
  6. Experiment with Different Eyeliner Styles.
  7. Purge Your Closet.
  8. Try the Dewy Skin Look.