What is chuta?

exclamation. ¡chuta! (Southern Cone) good God! ⧫ good heavens!

What does arrecho mean in Ecuador?

a heightened state of emotion
Arrecho — This all-purpose adjective expresses a heightened state of emotion. If you say that you’re arrecho, it could mean that you’re feeling awesome, frustrated, infuriated, energetic or ecstatic. It’s a great word to have on hand for party night!

What’s the meaning of Ecuador?

The country’s name means “Equator” in Spanish, truncated from the Spanish official name, República del Ecuador ( lit. “Republic of the Equator”), derived from the former Ecuador Department of Gran Colombia established in 1824 as a division of the former territory of the Royal Audience of Quito.

What is the name of cheetah in English?

A cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is a medium large cat which lives in Africa….Cheetah.

Cheetah Temporal range: Pleistocene–Holocene, 1.9 mya–present
Genus: Acinonyx
Species: A. jubatus
Binomial name
Acinonyx jubatus (Schreber, 1775)

What does WAWA mean in Ecuador?

“Wawa”, or “guagua”, meaning baby in the Ecuadorian indigenous language of Quechua, is bread in the shape of a baby or doll, decorated and filled with something sweet – my favourite being dulce de leche (cue the drooling now…) Combined with colada morada it’s a delicious holiday treat!

How do you say pretty in Ecuador?


  1. “Atractiva” means, “attractive.”
  2. “Preciosa” means, “beautiful.”
  3. “Hermosa” means, “very beautiful.”
  4. “Mona” means, “cute.”
  5. “Deslumbrante” means, “stunningly beautiful.”
  6. “Guapa” and “linda” are also ways of saying a woman is good looking.
  7. “Bonita” means, “pretty.”

Does Ecuador mean equator?

It was named for the equator Ecuador’s name comes from the Spanish word for the equator. The country, which straddles the equator, even has a monument built to celebrate its location in the middle of the world, found about 24 kilometres from the capital of Quito in San Antonio de Pichincha.

What is jaguar animal in English?

The jaguar (Panthera onca) is a big cat (feline) which lives in South America and Central America.

Is cheetah and jaguar the same?

Although they look alike, jaguars and cheetahs are from different parts of the world. Jaguars live in Central and South America while cheetahs live in Africa. Jaguars are larger and stronger than cheetahs, and they have longer fangs than cheetahs. However, cheetahs are far quicker than a jaguar.

Why do Ecuadorians say Chao?

Chao means see you later, adiós means never again Good byes involve addressing each member of the clan personally, ‘kissing’ them on the cheek one at a time. This is usually followed by a ‘chao,’ as the ‘adios’ typically learned in school is seen as a very definitive sort of phrase.