What is Brownsville Texas famous for?

Brownsville thus claims the first battle of the War with Mexico and the last battle of the Civil War. Great fortunes were made in Brownsville and Matamoros during the Civil War, as trade with both sides was the rule.

What is the crime rate in Brownsville Texas?

The Brownsville TX crime rate for 2018 was 376.23 per 100,000 population, a 46.39% increase from 2017. The Brownsville TX crime rate for 2017 was 257 per 100,000 population, a 6.46% increase from 2016. The Brownsville TX crime rate for 2016 was 241.4 per 100,000 population, a 11.07% decline from 2015.

Is Brownsville worth visiting?

There are numerous historic sites in Brownsville that are worth visiting as well. The Historic Brownsville Museum, situated inside of a picturesque Spanish-style building constructed in 1928, is a good place to learn about the town’s history.

How far is Brownsville from Mexican border?

The total driving distance from Brownsville, TX to Matamoros, Mexico is 2 miles or 3 kilometers.

Do black people live in Brownsville TX?

Brownsville Demographics White: 95.54% Other race: 2.49% Asian: 0.62% Black or African American: 0.57%

What percent of Brownsville is Hispanic?

Race and Ethnicity 93.8% of the people in Brownsville, TX are hispanic (171k people).

What is the cost of living in Brownsville Texas?

Brownsville cost of living is 70.3

COST OF LIVING Brownsville Texas
Grocery 89.8 93.7
Health 87.6 95.4
Housing 38.1 84.3
Median Home Cost $127,300 $243,600

How far is Brownsville from Mexico border?

652 miles / 1 049 km.

How far is Brownsville from the ocean?

Brownsville is within 40 miles of two of the most pristine beaches in the state: South Padre Island and Boca Chica State Park. South Padre Island is a popular tourist destination in its own right.