What is breakdown maintenance?

Breakdown maintenance is maintenance performed on a piece of equipment that has broken down, faulted, or otherwise cannot be operated. The goal of breakdown-maintenance is to fix something that has malfunctioned. To the contrary, preventive maintenance is performed in order to keep something running.

What is an example of breakdown maintenance?

An example of planned breakdown maintenance is run-to-failure maintenance, where an organization has decided that letting a piece of equipment break down before servicing is the most cost-effective and least disruptive option.

What is breakdown or corrective maintenance?

Corrective maintenance, as you just learned, is focused on rectifying and repairing faulty equipment. Breakdown maintenance is performed on equipment that is broken, faulted, or otherwise stopped in such a manner as to make the equipment nonoperational.

What is called the breakdown maintenance and procedure?

Breakdown maintenance, sometimes called run-to-failure maintenance, occurs when an asset completely breaks down and needs repair to resume operation. In many cases, breakdown maintenance is the default maintenance strategy, particularly for organizations that rely on reactive maintenance.

What is facility breakdown?

Facility Breakdown means a failure or breakdown or unavailability for any reason of the Facility that prevents the Client’s use thereof in accordance with the terms hereof.

What are the types of breakdown maintenance?

There are two main types of breakdown maintenance:

  • Run-to-Failure Maintenance. This type of maintenance refers to equipment failure that is expected to happen.
  • Emergency Maintenance. Emergency maintenance is conducted when an important piece of equipment stops working unexpectedly and needs to be replaced immediately.

What are the different types of breakdowns?

Different Types of Breakdown Diodes and their Applications

  • Breakdown Diodes.
  • Zener Diode.
  • PN Junction Breakdown Diode.
  • Zener Breakdown Diode.
  • Avalanche Breakdown.

What is a breakdown?

a : a failure to function preventing a breakdown of the health-care system. b : failure to progress or have effect : disintegration a breakdown of negotiations. c medicine : a complete loss of physical, mental, or emotional vitality : a physical, mental, or nervous collapse.