What is an offset pipe wrench used for?

An offset pipe wrench is used to grab onto pipes at awkward angles or in tight spots. A compound leverage pipe wrench is used for seized joints and provides extra leverage. A chain pipe wrench is best used when you have an extremely tight pipe.

What are the three basic types of pipe wrenches?

There are three main types of pipe wrenches: the straight, the offset and the end pipe wrench. Other types of wrenches include the compound leverage wrench, the chain pipe wrench and the strap wrench. Each of these tools has its own unique purpose and specification.

Why is it called a Stillson Wrench?

The Stillson name is that of the original patent holder, who licensed the design to a number of manufacturers. The patent expired decades ago. Another type of wrench often used on pipes, the plumber wrench, is also called a pipe wrench in some places.

What is a monkey wrench pipe wrench used for?

Monkey wrenches and pipe wrenches are very similar, but they have different jaw designs. Monkey wrenches have flat jaws, while the jaws on pipe wrenches have teeth for gripping rounded surfaces. You should use monkey wrenches for flat surfaces and pipe wrenches for rounded surfaces.

What is offset in piping?

An offset sewer line mean that the joints no longer connect properly, to the point where the two sections of pipe no longer align.

How do you tighten a pipe without scratching it?

  1. Wrap a 6-inch-long piece of Teflon tape around the threads that are on the pipe that is sticking out of the wall.
  2. Screw the shower head onto the pipe using only your hand.
  3. Test the tightness of the shower head by turning on the water and watching for leaks.

What type of wrench is used to avoid tooth marks?

A pipe wrench is often used with duct tape because homeowners can put the tape on the pipe in order to keep the wrench from leaving tooth marks or gouges.

What is a combination wrench?

Definition of combination wrench : a wrench with one open end and one socket end.

What’s the difference between a monkey wrench and a Stillson Wrench?

The monkey wrench is a handy antique wrench, mainly used for nuts and bolts at first and then used for pipe later on, while the Stillson Wrench is another term for the Pipe Wrench because Stillson owns the original patent designs of the Pipe Wrench, which was sold to other manufacturers.

What are Stilsons used for?

The adjustable pipe, or Stillson, wrench is used to hold or turn pipes or circular bars. This wrench has serrated jaws, one of which is pivoted on the handle to create a strong gripping action on the work.

What’s the difference between a monkey wrench and a Stillson wrench?

What is a Stillson used for?