What is an IB setup?

IB is where a sub is installed without an enclosure, but the front and back waves of the speaker are still separated from each other. An example of IB would be if you cut a hole in a wall in your house mounted a speaker in it.

What is QMS subwoofer?

Qms is the mechanical Q, which measures the control from the speaker’s mechanical suspension system, the surround and spider. Think of these components as springs. Qes is the electrical Q, which measures the control from the speaker’s electrical suspension, the voice coil and magnet.

Do inverted subs hit harder?

According to some, inverting a subwoofer can help keep the speakers cooler and can help increase the box volume. However, most agree that doing this does not make your subwoofer louder.

How does an infinite baffle subwoofer work?

The infinite baffle speaker system is basically a closed box or cabinet. Which absorbs the rearward sound wave. The box is sealed to prevent as much sound emanating from the box as possible and it should also be made from solid material so that vibrations of the panels are reduced as much as possible.

What does SD mean subwoofer?

Sd: The surface area of the cone measured in square centimeters. Vd: This is the maximum amount of linear volume displacement the subwoofer is able to produce. It is the total air volume the subwoofer’s cone will move, measured in cubic meters.

What does Qes mean for subwoofers?

The Qes is a measure of the electromechanical damping caused by voice coil resistance and the interaction of the voice coil in the magnetic gap. A higher Qes means less electromechanical damping or a smaller magnet. The Qts is the total damping which is the combination of mechanical and electromechanical damping.

What does F3 mean speaker?

F3 is the frequency where the output is 3 db lower. If your Lp crossover is set at 80hz then it is 3db lower at 80hz. If the box has an f3 of 30hz that is the point it starts dropping off.

How many subwoofers to fit in a trunk?

Thats childs play, here’s a real IB subwoofer. Or this if you are on a budget. With IB subs, its best to do it with a lot of cone area. 2 15s easily fit in a trunk and you’ll still have the whole trunk space.

What size subwoofer to put between 6×9 speakers?

Im looking for a good Free Air or IB subs to put on the rear deck between my 6×9 speakers. Prefer 12 inch but a 10 inch could work. I found a Kicker one on Crutchfield but i’m not sure.

Can I mount a free air woofer in the rear deck?

Many of today’s vehicles lack the surface area needed to mount a ten inch or larger woofer in the rear deck. If this is the case, it is still possible to use free air woofers by venting them through the rear deck as shown in the two diagrams below.

Can the cleanbox be used with a BFD or subwoofer?

The Cleanbox can boost the signal if needed and also handles the RCA to XLR conversion. It does need a small mod to be used with subwoofers. See full details on the Cleanbox page. An XLR cable connects the Cleanbox to the BFD. The BFD can work with either a -10dB setting or a +4dB setting – Note that this does not change the output level.