What is an export abattoir?

export abattoir means a slaughter facility contemplated in section 6(1)(a) of the Prevention of Undesirable Residue in Meat Act.

What is a mobile abattoir?

Mobile abattoirs, transported in specially equipped trailers, bring the butchering — and sometimes processing — facility directly to the farm (or to a central location near several farms).

What is an abattoir facility?

An abattoir is a facility where animals such as pigs and cows are killed and processed for their meat.

How many abattoirs are in Australia?

Nippon currently own 3 operating abattoirs in Australia, Oakey Abattoir (QLD) Mackay (QLD)

What is a non packer exporter?

A non-packer exporter is a holder of a Meat Export Licence who does not hold the registration required to pack the meat they are exporting. A further processing facility is a facility that processes meat or meat products to form a new product.

How much does it cost to build a small slaughterhouse?

Depending on the needs of the plant, it would need to be between 3,000 to 4,000 square feet. According to Maddock, the cost to build a 3,000 square foot plant at $400 a square foot, would cost $1.2 million. To repurpose an existing commercial building, Maddock estimates it will cost $150 per square foot.

How do you start a slaughterhouse?

How to Start a Slaughterhouse Business

  1. Conduct Market Research. Always do thorough market analysis before starting a firm.
  2. Make a Marketing Strategy.
  3. Opt for a Good Design.
  4. Control Funding.
  5. Obtain Certification.
  6. Handle Working Essentials.
  7. Engage a Microbiologist.
  8. Recruit Employees for Your Business.

What are the sections of abattoir?

A standard abattoir should have the following components; lairage, slaughter hall, slaughter slab, gut and tripe section, detained meat section, offal section, condemned meat section, water supply and cold room.

What are the components of abattoir?

The components of an abattoir and other services should include the following; lairage, slaughter hall, gut and tripe room, detained meat room, offal room, condemned meat room, hide and skin room.

What are the section in abattoir?