What is an example of claim of value?

A claim of value argues that something is good or bad, or that one thing is better than another thing. Sample claims of value: It’s better to apply good nutritional choices at home than teach them at school, because good nutrition then becomes ingrained in the child’s experience.

What is a value claim?

A value claim is an argumentative thesis which makes a qualifiable assertion; in other words, it is an. argument (claim) about a moral, aesthetic, or philosophical topic (value). • A policy claim is an argumentative thesis which makes an assertion about a course of action the reader.

What is CER used for?

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) is the generation and synthesis of evidence that compares the benefits and harms of alternative methods to prevent, diagnose, treat and monitor a clinical condition, or to improve the delivery of care.

How many sentences are in a cer paragraph?

CER-based narratives are set up in a paragraph form (usually 5-7 sentences in length). There are times when it is necessary to include a data table, graph, or picture in with your evidence.

Is findings plural or singular?

The noun findings is plural only. The plural form of findings is also findings.

What is claim in a paragraph?

Claim. This is also sometimes called a topic sentence. This will be your way of announcing the main focus of your paragraph; it should tell the reader what your paragraph will be about. It may be helpful to think of your claims as mini arguments that support the paper’s main argument or thesis.

What does CER stand for in school?

Evidence, Reasoning

What is the plural of source?

source (plural sources)

How do you write a cer paragraph?

C.E.R. Paragraph Format

  1. Claim: »This is a statement of your topic (what your paragraph is about) AND your specific opinion or observation about it.
  2. Evidence: This is a quote, statistic, or other piece of evidence that supports your claim.
  3. Reason: This is an explanation of how your data supports your claim.