It is a literary genre, a small work, the purpose of which is the expression of personal reasoning on any case. The position needs to be supported by logical arguments and also reasons.

Main purpose and properties

For the above direction there are the following characteristics. Small size. Conditions can vary in the ratio from question and situation. For example, given the maximum amount for students of Harvard business school – two sheets of written text. The specific topics each time. She was not a characteristic of symbolic expression, imagery and fuzzy reasoning, those that almost everyone has the opportunity to reflect on your manners. The idea that is put forward in the problem is shown clearly and unambiguously. Disclosure of the problem is based on absolutely from him. The plot is biased every time, because the main goal of the task is to formulate your own view, to Express personal knowledge. In this regard, the same subject is usually disclosed by different people in different ways. That’s right. Sayings. To date, the presented characteristic feature of the essay is often omitted. Most linguists are convinced that the paradoxical statements, bright positions, confrontation, at first glance, incompatible and illogical arguments – an integral part of the genre. Since this genre is designed to surprise the reader. Ease of narration of ideas. In contrast to the composition-reflection or research paper is required to keep the story very simple and clear, avoid difficult turns of speech and syntactic structures, clich├ęs of words and phrases. The logic of the narrative, the semantic unity of the text. Perhaps that is why at the moment paradoxical statements and theses are skipped. After all, you need to be a real expert of the word, in order to make two incompatible theses complementary. Conversational style of presentation. Along with this, it is necessary to maintain a balance, so that the story was not too sloppy. Similarly, the most important thing to omit the use of jargon, if its application does not require the meaning and subject necessarily.

How to write an essay: General rules

A characteristic feature of the above genre is the perfect will of the concept of structure and utterance of thoughts. Only one clear rule – should be in plain text to Express their views on a given topic, which is as the title.

Most often, the acceptable structure of the essay: introduction, thesis-argument conclusion.

The writer uses the required number of provisions to solve the problem. The writer provides for the proposed size of the article. In addition, it is certainly permitted, but not inevitable structure. She can be free, too. The conclusion can be presented in the form of a thesis at the beginning, and in the text to justify it all. Or you can put forward an idea that is refuted in the course of the essay. Then the conclusion is the exact opposite of the original thesis. As well as it is admissible to present a number of theses and arguments, and after to draw the conclusion. Another order of expression of ideas is also allowed.

Also note that in turn, the reader usually has a General idea of the subject of the essay. There is no need to reveal characteristic words and explain difficult moments. It is only necessary to speak on the established topic.

Content, examples, templates

The exact structure of the essay does not exist. There is no specific plan template either. Those who need a plan for the preparation of the material are allowed to use the standard. The ordinary content contains the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. Preface, during which the main opinion is put forward. In the main part, arguments are put forward to confirm the key thesis. For example, it is necessary to prove that the decrease in interest in the history of the metropolis adversely affects the growing generation. It is necessary to ensure that there is no substitution of theses. First, you need to bring arguments to prove what was discussed in the introduction. Only then (if necessary) to put forward another statement. In that case, if there is a desire or need, the following theses are put forward by the same method with the grounds emerging from the previous ones. The conclusion sums up absolutely everything said (composed). The conclusion which the writer came for reflection. This point is necessary.