What is an airline mileage run?

What is a Mileage Run? A mileage run is a trip booked simply for the sake of earning miles, or elite qualifying segments or dollars (spend) to help you earn elite status with an airline (or in some cases to earn a ton of miles cheaply).

How is PQP United calculated?

For bulk ticket types operated by United, you will earn PQP according to a formula: award miles earned divided by 5. For more information on how award miles are earned for bulk ticket types, please see Earning miles on United flights.

Is United extending status to 2023?

Premier 1K By accomplishing United’s Fly to the Finish promotion, you’re essentially able to re-qualify for elite status into 2023 by meeting just 20% of the standard requirements through November 30, 2021.

How do I get more Eqm on American?

AAdvantage members with elite status as of May 25 can register to earn bonus EQM on up to 10 American Airlines flights through Aug. 31. The bonus EQM depends on your elite status tier: 250 bonus EQM per flight for Gold and non-elite members.

What is a status run?

Status Runs Are The New Mileage Runs (Sort of) As we discussed previously, top-tier elite status with an airline — United 1K, American Executive Platinum, or Delta Diamond Medallion — would maximize the number of miles you could yield from a mileage run.

Will United extend status to 2022?

We’re making it easier to reach Premier status We made a lot of key changes in 2021 to support our members, like reducing our qualification requirements and extending status for current Premier members through January 2022.

Can I buy 1K status on United?

All eligible Cardmembers must take a minimum of 4 flights on United or United Express to be eligible for Premier status. All PQP earned on eligible card spend can be applied up to Platinum. For program year 2021, the card-earned PQP can be applied to 1K status if the Cardmember meets the PQF requirement for 1K.

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