What is ajvar made of?

Ajvar (pronounced: /ˈaɪvɑːr/; Cyrillic script: Ajвар, Aйвар) is a condiment made principally from sweet bell peppers and eggplants. The relish became a popular side dish throughout Yugoslavia after World War II and is popular in Southeast Europe. Homemade ajvar is made of roasted peppers.

What does ajvar go with?

At the most basic, you can eat ajvar all on its own with a spoon as a cold chopped salad. Add it to a plate with some pickles, yogurt or feta, and bread, and you have a quick-and-delicious picnic lunch for one.

What is Serbian ajvar?

Ajvar (pronounced AYE-var) is a bright and robust red pepper relish that originates from the Balkans region of southeastern Europe. Ajvar could be considered a sauce similar to ketchup in its tangy, slightly sweet flavor and its most common use, as a topping for cevapi sausages.

Is ajvar Serbian or Macedonian?

Ajvar (pronounced: /ˈaɪvɑːr/; Serbian: ajвар / ajvar; Bulgarian: aйвар, romanized: ayvar; Macedonian: aјвар, romanized: ajvar; Croatian: ajvar; Turkish: ayvar) is a condiment made principally from red bell peppers and oil.

How long does ajvar last once opened?

Let the ajvar cool to room temperature before use, and if you keep it in the fridge overnight, the flavour will develop. To store, use an airtight jar and pour a thin layer of olive oil on the top of the relish. It will keep for up to two weeks in the fridge.

Can you freeze ajvar?

Store in a glass jars, covered in the fridge for about a week. (Ajvar also freezes beautifully.)

What does ajvar taste like?

Ajvar has a very unique taste, and trying to describe it with words is easier said than done. It’s a mix of smokiness, spiciness, and sweetness all in one. Exceptional Ajvar has a thick texture and, coupled with a crispy bread bun, can be a meal in its own right.

What is Ahvar?

Ajvar, a condiment made mainly from charred red bell peppers and eggplant, is actually from Macedonia but my first try of it was on everything and anything during my trip to the islands of Croatia.

How long can you keep ajvar?

Is ajvar Serbian or Albanian?

Ajvar is a dip, spread or sauce made with roasted red peppers. It often includes eggplants as well. Its origins are disputed, countries like North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia all claim to have created the recipe. Today’s version seems to be Albanian.

Who invented ajvar?

Jars of pepper spread known as ajvar, a Balkan breakfast staple, produced by the war widows of Krusha e Madhe, Kosovo. Nineteen years ago, Fahrije Hoti, 48, fled her home in Krusha e Madhe to the nearby mountains and then to neighboring Albania.

How long are jarred peppers good for?

about 2 years
Properly stored, an unopened jar of pickled peppers will generally stay at best quality for about 2 years.