What is a summary of chapter 3 in City of Ember?

In chapter three, the reader has a look at Doon’s day in the Pipeworks. He arrives on time and is assigned to Tunnel 97 with an experienced worker named Arlin. Doon has his first look at the river which is nothing like he expects. Doon quickly realizes the city’s water system is crumbling into disrepair.

What happened in chapter 1 of City of Ember?

Chapter 1: Assignment Day Children attend school until they are twelve years old. On Assignment Day the children enter the adult workforce. At Ember School, Mayor Cole arrives with a bag holding the fate of all twenty-four students in the graduating class: the job they will do for the next three years.

What happened in chapter 4 in the city of Ember?

Clary sends Lina away and refuses to explain anything, so Lina ducks behind a toolshed and watches a man stumble and fall when he trips over a hose. Lina recognizes the man as Sadge Merrall, a Supply Depot clerk. Clary helps Sadge up and leads him toward the greenhouse, but she struggles to open the door.

What did Clary give Lina?

This might be some kind of clue as to what is going on with Ember, because Ember is also alive, and the life inside it had to come from somewhere. Clary gives Lina the bean seed, along with a pot filled with some dirt, saying, “Stick the bean in here and water it every day […]

What is chapter 19 about in the City of Ember?

In chapter nineteen, Doon discovers a framed notice on the wall of the cave. It is addressed to “refugees of Ember” and warns that there’s a climb ahead that will take several hours. It does take that long and Poppy is soon too tired to walk any more. Doon and Lina take turns carrying her.

What happens in chapter 11 of the City of Ember?

As Lina gets ready to go to work the next morning, she and Mrs. Murdo talk about the Singing, which is coming up soon. Both of them are looking forward to it, this time once a year when all the people of Ember gather to sing the three great songs of Ember. Sounds fun enough.

What happens in chapter 5 of the City of Ember?

An old woman scolds Lina for losing Poppy, but another person leads Lina to a shop. Someone leads Poppy to the door and Lina scoops up her sister and comforts her. The blackout incites feelings of fear and desperation in everyone else in Ember, making it even harder for Lina to do the right thing and locate Poppy.

What happened in chapter 14 in the City of Ember?

Doon leads Lina along the river to where it ends and points out the E on a rock. He then lies on his stomach and hangs his head over the edge. From there, he can see metal bars bolted to the sheer rock face, down to what must be a ledge. Doon goes first and then calls for Lina.

What happened in chapter 10 in the City of Ember?

By Jeanne DuPrau Lina sleeps badly that night. When she goes in to wake Granny, she finds that the old woman has come down with a fever. The town doctor comes to check on Granny at Lina’s request, and tells Lina to stay home to take care of Granny that day, make her soup, stuff like that.

Who is Clary Lane?

Clary Lane is an Emberite who was assigned to work in the Greenhouses of Ember. She was a close friend to Lina Mayfleet. This is how Clary looks in the movie City of Ember. She was one of the people who Lina trusted and one of the people who knew Lina’s father.

What does Clary look like in the City of Ember?

Clary is a solid, square, and quiet woman. Lina often seeks Clary out for guidance or comfort, since when Clary does speak, it’s often hard-hitting and truthful.

Why is the city of Ember a good book?

The book City of Ember provides good clean fun. It also takes you to the past while connecting with the potential future. The plot takes place underground. Readers discover that a city was built within mother earth’s womb, beneath the outer surface of our planet.

What is the message of the book city of Ember?

The book maintains a respectful tone when dealing with authority figures but still makes a case for looking into situations where someone in authority is causing harm. The City of Ember was also made into a movie starring Bill Murray as the bumbling and dishonest Mayor. Even though it is set in a post-apocalyptic future, the overall tone of the movie has a retro feel, with zany pratfalls and an approach that will interest tweens more than parents.

What is the Order of the city of Ember books?

Order of Ember Books. The Books of Ember is a young adult fantasy quartet by American novelist Jeanne DuPrau. The Books of Ember are about a city where there’s no light – no sun, no moon, no natural light at all. The only source of light is electricity, which is beginning to fail. The series is being adapted to graphic novel format.

What happens in the book The city of Ember?

The City of Ember is a post-apocalyptic novel by Jeanne DuPrau that was published in 2003. The story is about Ember, a post-apocalyptic underground city threatened by aging infrastructure and corruption. The young protagonist, Lina Mayfleet, and her friend, Doon Harrow (the second protagonist), follow clues left behind by the original builders of the City of Ember, to safety in the outside world.