What is a sock puppet Facebook account?

A sock puppet, in the context of online communications, is a fake identity created to promote someone or something through blogs, wikis, forums or social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

What does calling someone a sock puppet mean?

A sockpuppet is a phony name or identity created by an online user to argue, bully or review products as another person.

What are sock puppets on the Internet?

We define a sockpuppet as a fictitious online identity created for the purposes of deception. Sockpuppets are usually created in large numbers by a single controlling person or group. They are typically used for block evasion, creating false majority opinions, vote stacking, and other similar pursuits.

What is social media sock account?

Sock puppet social media accounts are fake accounts controlled by real people. They can be used as a form of marketing. Trolls. Trolls are human beings who have multiple social media accounts on various sites.

Is it illegal to create a fake social media account?

Whether for Facebook accounts, Xbox Live, or a pointless survey that your friend asked you to fill out, using a fake name online in any capacity could get you arrested. Moreover, you could be charged with the federal crime of hacking, which is punishable for between 5-20 years in prison.

How does sock puppet work?

A sock puppet or sockpuppet is a puppet made from a sock or a similar garment. The puppeteer wears the sock on a hand and lower arm as if it were a glove, with the puppet’s mouth being formed by the region between the sock’s heel and toe, and the puppeteer’s thumb acting as the jaw.

What is a sock puppet on twitter?

In Internet terms, sock puppets are online identities used for disguised activity by the operator.

What does Troll mean in slang?

A troll is Internet slang for a person who intentionally tries to instigate conflict, hostility, or arguments in an online social community. Platforms targeted by trolls can include the comment sections of YouTube, forums, or chat rooms.

What is a sock puppet account on twitter?

What is a sock account on Instagram?

Fake accounts like this are called “sock puppets” – suggesting a hidden hand speaking through another identity. In many cases, this deception can easily be revealed with a look at the account history. But in some cases, there is a big investment in making sock puppet accounts seem real.