What is a request ID?

The RequestID uniquely identifies the HTTP request sent from the app to the service and enables the app to correlate requests and responses, in case the app needs to resend a request because of a dropped connection.

What is HttpContext?

The HttpContext encapsulates all the HTTP-specific information about a single HTTP request. When an HTTP request arrives at the server, the server processes the request and builds an HttpContext object. This object represents the request which your application code can use to create the response.

What is request delegate in C#?

The request delegates handle each HTTP request. Request delegates are configured using Run, Map, and Use extension methods. An individual request delegate can be specified in-line as an anonymous method (called in-line middleware), or it can be defined in a reusable class.

What is HTTP request and response in C#?

HTTP specifications concisely define messages as “requests from client to server and responses from server to client.” At its most elemental level, the role of ASP.NET is to enable server-based applications to handle HTTP messages. The primary way it does this is through HTTPRequest and HttpResponse classes.

How do I find request ID?

A request ID is a unique 24 character alpha-numeric ID which lets us get the full report of the SMS submitted by the user. You can find the request ID of any specific message in the Log section by moving your cursor on the log.

How do I get request ID from postman?

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  1. In the new UI, you can also find it the ID by clicking on the request you want the ID for, the, go to the (i) button in the far right sidebar (where you usually grab the curl, e.g.).
  2. I can get it just fine in the UI as stated above, but how do you USE it?

How do I access HttpContext in Web API?

If you absolutely must do this, you can grab the HTTP context like so: var context = Request. Properties[“MS_HttpContext”] as HttpContext; At which point you just use its Session property to get the session.

Is HttpContext secure?

It’s secure. It’s basically the same authentication type used when you connect to a Windows server via file shares or anything else that is using kerberos.

What is request pipeline?

The Request Pipeline is the mechanism by which requests are processed beginning with a Request and ending with a Response. The pipeline specifies how the application should respond to the HTTP request. The Request arriving from the browser goes through the pipeline and back.

What is middleware in MVC?

Middleware is the term used for the components that are combined to form the request pipeline. This pipeline is arranged like a chain. The request is either returned by the middleware or passed to the next one until a response is sent back.

What is request in asp net?

When a browser asks for a page from a server, it is called a request. The Request object is used to get information from a visitor.