What is a normal gentamicin level?

Reference Range

Trough Gentamicin levels Peak Gentamicin levels
Optimal: 0.5-2 µg/mL Optimal: 5-10 µg/mL
Toxic: >2 µg/mL Toxic: >12 µg/mL

When should gentamicin levels be measured?

Gentamicin levels should be taken 8-12 hours after the dose. It is essential that the time the gentamicin infusion was started and the time the sample was taken are documented accurately.

How do you monitor gentamicin levels?

Pre-dose (trough) gentamicin levels should be checked after 24 hours and then twice weekly (target <1mg/L). Peak gentamicin levels, taken one hour after administration, can also be measured (target 3–5mg/L). Individualised dosing based on the patient’s pharmacokinetics can also be used.

How much gentamicin is too much?

Intravenous administration The concentration of gentamicin in the solution should not exceed 1 mg/mL.

Is gentamicin dosing on ideal body weight?

Recommended dose of once daily gentamicin (in milligrams) for obese individuals (more than 20% above ideal body weight) is derived by calculating the Ideal Body Weight (IBW) as described above, and then calculating the dose determining weight (DDW) (kg) = IBW + 0.4 × (actual body weight (kg) − IBW).

How do you give gentamicin IM?

Gentamicin injection comes as a liquid to be injected intravenously (into a vein) or intramuscularly (into a muscle). When gentamicin is injected intravenously, it is usually infused (injected slowly) over a period of 30 minutes to 2 hours once every 6 or 8 hours.

What should I check before giving gentamicin?

Check where the blood sample was taken from. Falsely high levels may occur as a result of sampling from the line that the drug was administered through. The pre-dose gentamicin level must be ≤1mg/L before a further dose is given.

What are the symptoms of gentamicin toxicity?

Side-Effects and Symptoms of Gentamicin Toxicity (also called Gentamicin Poisoning)

  • Kidney damage and renal failure.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Ototoxicity (damage to the ear, such as hearing loss, vertigo or ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Balance problems.
  • Problems with memory, concentration and fatigue.
  • Oscillopsia (bouncing vision)

How often can you give gentamicin?

When gentamicin is injected intravenously, it is usually infused (injected slowly) over a period of 30 minutes to 2 hours once every 6 or 8 hours. The length of your treatment depends on the type of infection you have. You may receive gentamicin injection in a hospital or you may administer the medication at home.

What lab do you monitor with gentamicin?

Blood levels of gentamicin, tobramycin or amikacin may be monitored under a variety of conditions. For example, your age, kidney function, overall health, and presence of underlying conditions or symptoms of toxicity may be considered in the decision to perform the testing.

What are normal levels of gentamicin?

Normal levels. Target levels for once daily dosing in adults: 12 hours post-dose <2 mg/L. 18 hours post-dose <1 mg/L. To interpret levels from between these times see graph (nomogram) in the gentamicin policy. Dose adjustments should be made as per policy (Antibiotic guide Home Page) Target levels for once daily dosing in children:

Why is it important to monitor serum gentamicin levels?

Monitoring a patient’s serum gentamicin level is important in preventing drug-related side effects, which may occur when peak serum gentamicin levels exceed 10 to 12 mg/l (20.9 to 25.1 µmol/l) or when trough gentamicin levels exceed 2 mg/l (4.2 µmol/l).

What is the recommended dose of gentamicin for the treatment of obesity?

Patients who are obese should receive a relatively lower dose of gentamicin. Figure 1 (for all male patients) and figure 2 (for all female patients) below give suggested doses of Gentamicin 5mg/kg according to height and actual body weight and take into account a correction factor for obese patients.

How often should I take gentamicin?

All patients receiving gentamicin must have levels monitored, primarily to avoid renal toxicity For most patients requiring a gentamicin course a once daily dosing regime can be used Instructions for prescribing gentamicin and monitoring levels can be found in the Gentamicin Policy