What is a Navy Supply Corps officer?

A Supply Corps Officer is a Staff Corps Officer in the United States Navy who is in charge of logistics, supply, readiness, contracting, fiscal affairs, and combat support throughout the entire Fleet. The Navy designator code for Supply Corps Officers is 3100.

How do you become a Navy Supply Corps officer?

To qualify for employment consideration as a Supply Corps Officer in the Navy, you must be a U.S. citizen, be qualified for sea duty and be willing to serve worldwide. Degrees in business, science, technology, engineering and mathematics are preferred but not required. A graduate degree is preferred by not required.

How many supply officers are in the Navy?

2200 Supply Officers
Navy Supply Corps

U.S Navy Supply Corps
Branch U.S. Navy (Active & Reserve Component)
Type Staff Corps
Role Sustain U.S. Navy and U.S. Military Operations worldwide
Size ~2200 Supply Officers (May 2018)

Why are supply officers called chop?

Pork chops. Apparently, this nickname references the shape of the oak leaf insignia found on officers’ sleeves and collars, as it vaguely looks like a pork chop. They are also referred to as “SuppO” (short for “Supply Officer”), but that is typically used for senior officers.

Where do Navy supply officers get stationed?

The Supply Corps is a critical portion of the Navy and as such, Supply Corps Officers can be stationed with nearly every unit in the Navy (aviation squadrons, ships, submarines, SEAL teams, etc).

Who is the chief of Supply Corps?

RADM Peter G. Stamatopoulos succeeded RADM Michelle C. Skubic as Commander, NAVSUP and Chief of Supply Corps June 19.

How old is the Navy Supply Corps?

One of the oldest staff corps in the Navy, the Supply Corps dates back to Feb. 23, 1795 when President George Washington appointed Tench Francis, a Philadelphia businessman, as the country’s first Purveyor of Public Supplies.

Can officers choose their duty station?

The Army now offers new active duty recruits the ability to select their first duty station, giving many the option to go as far away from or stay as close to home as they want.

What are the duties of a supply officer?

Maintains department inventory of supplies and equipment. Disburses supplies and equipment to police personnel as required. Records the issuance of supplies, materials, and/or equipment to other employees. Maintains stocks of printed materials, uniform items, and weapons, and replenishes stocks when necessary.

What is the age limit for Navy OCS?

Applicants should be between 17-34 years old and able to satisfactorily pass a background check. OCS applications are handled through the Navy Recruiting Command.