What is a good name for a lightning dragon?

Kallik the name means “lightning”. Kutsa meaning “lightning”. Longwei: this name means “dragon greatness”. Munja: means “lightning bolt”.

What is the coolest dragon name?

Dragon Names

  • Arman. After the dragon in the 2015 film, He’s A Dragon.
  • Falkor. This dragon name comes from the dragon in The Never Ending Story.
  • Dagahra. From the Japanese film, Rebirth of Mothra II.
  • Saphira. This dragon name is also the name of the dragon in the book, Eragon.
  • Darksmoke.
  • Mushu.
  • Diaval.
  • Toothless.

What are some badass names for dragons?

Badass and unique male bearded dragon names:

  • Ace.
  • Acid.
  • Adrenaline.
  • Alpha.
  • Armor.
  • Arsenal.
  • Atom.
  • Basilisk.

What are good SkyWing names?

SkyWing Names!

  • FireWork.
  • Robin.
  • Falcon.
  • SunFire.
  • Dawn.
  • Hawk.
  • Starling.
  • Copper.

What’s a mythical baby dragon called?

The offspring of dragons are referred to as hatchlings, wyrmlings or whelps in most fantasy settings and stories. While they vary in size, most dragons seem to share a few common traits, such as the ability to fly and breathe fire.

What are good IceWing names?

Male IceWing Names

  • Amur Leopard.
  • Aqualon (The Roman form of Boreas, god of the north wind)
  • Arctic.
  • Snow Gnat (Maybe good for an annoying IceWing or an extremely condescending one?
  • Boreas (Greek personification of the north wind)
  • Boreal (Of the north or northern regions)
  • Boris (Means Snow Leopard)

What are good MudWing names?

Female MudWing Names

  • Fawn ( a baby deer )
  • Topaz (a gemstone.)
  • Chikyu (Japanese for Earth)
  • Swan (Bird; perfect for MudWing – SkyWing hybrid)
  • Lilypad/Lily/Pad (Round leaf that floats on the surface of the water)
  • Catfish (Fish; perfect for SeaWing – MudWing hybrid)

What is a good name for a dragon?

Scylla (Greek origin), the name means “dragon monster”. 11. Shyrlonay (English origin), meaning “destroyer of life”. 12. Uwibami (Japanese origin), the name means “giant snake”. Want to explore some male dragon names that are perfect for your dragon? Here’s a list of cool dragon names you’ll love. 13.

What are the names of the ice dragons?

Ice dragon names. 1 Absinthe – wormwood, bitterness. 2 Blizzard – snowstorm. 3 Chilalea – snowbird. 4 Daenerys – lady of light. 5 Eisdrachen – ice dragon in German. 6 Eirwen – blessed snow. 7 Etoirir – champion of the blue. 8 Frostine – ice queen. 9 Lodsmok – ice dragon in Polish. 10 Nidhogg – powerful.

What is the name of a female dragon?

Here’s a list of female dragon names to inspire you. 1. Aashni (Hindi origin), meaning “lightning”. 2. Bronte (Greek origin), meaning “sound of thunder”. 3. Chusi (Hopi origin), the name means “dragon flower”. 4. Damini (Hindi origin), the name means “lightning”. 5. Kaminari (Japanese origin), meaning “thunder”. 6.

What is the name of a water dragon?

This dragon name refers to a water dragon in Old English. 51. Drake In Greek, this name means “dragon.” 52. Ladon After the Greek river god in Greek mythology. 53. Kai This Scottish-inspired dragon name means “fire.”