What is a fancy word for show?

SYNONYMS. display, exhibit, put on show, put on display, put on view, expose to view, unveil, present. launch, introduce, air, demonstrate, set out, set forth, arrange, array, flaunt, parade, uncover, reveal.

Is SHOV a word?

shiv n. A knife, especially a makeshift one fashioned from something not normally used as a weapon (like… To stab someone with a shiv.

What word means to show in public?

trot out. phrasal verb. to make someone appear in public, usually to represent an organization or an opinion.

What does it mean to show someone something?

: to do something that will cause (someone) to see one’s true ability, power, etc. They think I’m too old to run the race, but I’ll show them! They said she can’t sing, but she showed them!

What does persona mean?

A persona is the image or personality that a person presents in public or in a specific setting—as opposed to their true self. The Latin term persona appears in the phrase persona non grata, referring to a person who is not welcome. The correct plural of persona can be personas or personae.

What’s the meaning of permit?

allow to do something