What is a blunt spoon used for?

This blunt-end spoon is ideal for making sauces and gravies, as it serves as both stirrer and scraper. Blunt-end spoon reaches into corners and along edges and bottoms of pans. Made of maple or walnut. Handle is shaped like an artists’ paintbrush for a comfortable grip.

What is a spoon with a flat end?

Bonbon Spoon These have a large and flat bowl, perforated to drop off crumbs, in order to serve bonbons, nuts, and other dry, crumbling foods. You could almost consider these a spatula, to some degree.

What are the 3 different types of spoons?

Types of Spoon

  • Table Spoon. This is the most important part of our cutlery we use everyday.
  • Serving Spoon. The serving spoon generally goes hand in hand with the serving fork.
  • Fruit Spoon.
  • Tea Spoon or Coffee Spoon.
  • Dessert Spoon.
  • Long Drink Spoons.
  • Salad Spoon.
  • Baby spoon.

What is a deep serving spoon called?

One of the largest spoons found in the kitchen, ladles are used primarily for serving soup or other dishes with a lot of liquid. The size, style, and type can all vary but in general, this spoon has a long handle and a very deep bowl.

What is the difference between a tablespoon and a soup spoon?

As nouns the difference between soupspoon and tablespoon is that soupspoon is a spoon for eating soup, characterised by having a round bowl rather than the usual oval bowl of other types of spoon while tablespoon is (canada|us) a large spoon, used for eating food from a bowl.

What is a saucier spoon?

A French sauce spoon or saucier spoon is a spoon that is typically the size and shape of a dessert spoon, but with a flattened bowl that has a thinner edge and a small notch on one side. As the name suggests, a French sauce spoon is used to eat the sauce accompanying a dish.

Is a serving spoon a tablespoon?

On the other end of the spectrum, you’re familiar with ladles serving up portions of soups, stews, and chili. Serving spoons are also known as… tablespoons. Yep, everything you know about spoons is a lie.

What is a 5 o’clock spoon used for?

The five o’clock spoon is a specialized spoon found in older sets of silver. Made for an era when afternoon tea was taken at five o’clock, the spoon is approximately 5 ¼ to 5 ½ inches long. Although the five o’clock teaspoon is slightly shorter than a teaspoon, it is a little larger than an after-dinner coffee spoon.

What does a marrow spoon look like?

The marrow spoon had a rounded spoon at one end and then a narrow scoop at the other end. Soon, the marrow spoon evolved into the marrow scoop; meaning that the spoon gradually became an elongated scoop, which typically had a narrower scoop at the other end.