What is a 2210 in government Series?

IT Specialist (GS-2210) – Featured Occupation. The federal government, including the U.S. Postal Service, employs approximately 2.8 million civilian workers, or about 2 percent of the United States’ workforce.

What are OPM classification standards?

Position classification standards provide information used in determining the occupational series and title for positions performing white collar work in the Federal Government. They also provide grading criteria for positions classified under the General Schedule (GS) Classification System.

What is an interdisciplinary position?

An interdisciplinary position is a position involving duties and responsibilities closely related to more than one professional occupation. As a result, you could classify the position into two or more professional occupational series.

What is my occupational series?

An occupational series is a subdivision of an occupational group or job family consisting of positions similar as to specialized line of work and qualification requirements. Series are designated by a title and number such as the Accounting Series, 0510; the Secretary Series, 0318; the Microbiology Series, 0403.

What GS level is supervisory?

This guide provides evaluation criteria for determining the General Schedule (GS or GM) grade level of supervisory positions in grades GS-5 through GS-15. It also contains criteria for evaluating managerial responsibilities that may accompany supervisory responsibilities in this range of grades.

Where can I find the job description of a federal job?

If you need a copy of your position description, you should first look in your Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF). If one is not filed in your eOPF, you should contact your immediate supervisor or your Servicing Human Resource Office.

What is a federal occupational series?

The Federal Government categorizes occupations as professional or trade, crafts or labor. These groups are further categorized into “series” – a family of similar occupations.

What is series for federal employee?

In the federal government, every employee is classified based on their job functions, which are broken down into “series” identified by a four-digit job series number. Each series contains a number of related job titles.

What is full performance level GS?

Full Performance Level (FPL) The highest rank, grade or known promotion potential of a given position. The full performance level is the target grade of a position with an established career ladder or training program, which was otherwise filled at a grade below the full performance level grade of the position. (

When should I use the Information Technology Management series 2210 (alternative a)?

Use the Information Technology Management Series, 2210 (Alternative A) qualification standard if the GS-5 or GS-7 (or equivalent) level position requires IT-related education and/or IT-related experience upon entry.

What does 2210 stand for?

Information Technology Management, 2210 Title/Specialties Information Technology Specialist (Policy and Planning) (Network Services) (Enterprise Architecture) (Data Management) (Security) (Internet) (Systems Analysis) (Systems Administration) (Applications Software) (Customer Support) (Operating Systems)

What is the scope of the work in 2210 FLD?

Series Information Technology Management, 2210 FLD Scope of the Work – Work involves:  isolating and defining unprecedented conditions;  resolving critical problems; and/or  developing, testing, and implementing new technologies.

What is the new JFS 2210?

This JFS is built around a successor occupation to the old Computer Specialist Series, 0334. Thus, with this issuance, we establish a new occupational series, the Information Technology Management Series, 2210, and cancel both the 0334 series and the 0334 position classification standard.