What Hockey league is Deerfield Academy in?

the Housatonic West League
Both the boys and girls varsity hockey teams compete in the Housatonic West League, each playing a 25-game schedule that consistently ranks among the toughest schedules in New England.

Is Deerfield Academy d1?

It is an athletic conference made up of academically selective liberal arts institutions. On top of the institution’s high academic caliber, the league is often considered the most competitive Division 3 conference. Details on NESCAC can be found on their website.

What grades is Deerfield Academy?

School Overview

Definition of Terms | 2021 School Data Deerfield Academy Boarding School Avg.
Grades Offered 9-12, PG 9-12
School Type Co-ed Co-ed
Religious Affiliation Non-denominational Non-denominational
Year Founded 1797 1907

What is the Deerfield Academy mascot?

Deerfield has no mascot, and many of its teams and buildings don’t have names; has its own publishing house, The Deerfield Academy Press, which publishes the work of students and faculty members.

What division is Deerfield Academy?

Six Schools League

Deerfield Academy
Athletics conference Six Schools League
Team name Big Green
Newspaper The Deerfield Scroll
Yearbook The Pocumtuck

What is Deerfield Academy known for?

Deerfield tends to place first in our New England prep school league every year for a few sports–in recent years we’ve won baseball, boys’ water polo, boys’ swimming, boys’ lacrosse, and a few more.

Is Deerfield Academy prestigious?

Deerfield Academy is the greatest high school in the country. Not only is it top in academics, the school spirit and support from the entire community is unmatched at other Boarding schools.

What movie was filmed at Deerfield?

The pair are in the state to film “The Holdovers,” a comedy-drama which stars Giamatti as Paul Hunham, a universally disliked professor at prep school Deerfield Academy.

What famous people attended Deerfield Academy?

Classes of the 1950s

  • Rodman Rockefeller (1932–2000), philanthropist.
  • Edward Hoagland (born 1932), writer.
  • Richard Mellon Scaife (1932-2014), media mogul and philanthropist, “The Republican George Soros”
  • Nelson Doubleday, Jr. (
  • Robert Hazard Edwards (born 1934), president of Carleton College; president of Bowdoin College.

What movie was filmed in Shelburne Falls?

In June of 2012, Shelburne Falls and the surrounding area played host to Paramount Pictures during the filming of Labor Day, starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin and directed by Jason Reitman.

What are they filming in Shelburne Falls Ma?

Shelburne Falls, Deerfield Academy to host filming for Miramax’s ‘The Holdovers’ next week.

How much does it cost to attend Deerfield Academy?

Payment Options:

2020-21 Tuition Total
Boarding $63,430 $66,100
Day $45,480 $47,830