What happens when you get all the map fragments in evil within?

Collecting all 28 fragments unlocks two gun cases containing the Burst Handgun and High-Penetration Sniper Rifle in the Haven’s back room upon loading a cleared save and viewing the completed map. Collecting these is part of the Every Nook and Cranny Achievement/Trophy.

How do you get past Chapter 6 in the evil within?

Make sure to slowly move around and take out all the enemies. There should be 6 or so in the general area. Once they are dead, you can try moving forward, but if you do, the enemies will swarm you again and start blasting you with arrows from concealed cages.

Where is the upper safe dial in the evil within?

Location: Found in Chapter 9: The Cruelest Intentions. Inside the mansion, go up the stairs to the second floor and enter the library. Climb the ladder on the far side to find the dial in a box on the upper level. Unmissable.

Are there Collectibles in evil within?

The Evil Within is one scary game, which also happens to have dozens of collectibles scattered throughout the environment. We have taken it upon ourselves to find them all, so take a look down below to find where every item is hidden!

What is the point of burning bodies in evil within?

Burning fallen foes may yield upgrade points or recovery items. Plus, fire spreads among enemies and may help you during a fight.

How do I get the Magnum in the evil within?

★ The Magnum is a powerful weapon available to Sebastian Castellanos in The Evil Within. The Magnum first appears in Chapter 11, where the player can find it in one of two places: one in one of the buildings near the beginning of the chapter, and the other during the encounter with Ruvik’s Doppelgangers in a briefcase.

How do I get out of the D5 in evil within 2?

Try to open the doors and you’ll be attacked by the same white monster. Shoot it to escape from it. A cutscene will play. Take your next left and follow the markings on the wall toward Exit D5.

How do you escape Ruvik?

In order to escape this, aim your Handgun at the light that rests above the machine’s teeth. If you hit that spot you’ll free yourself. Head back to the area where you just got caught in the trap and you’ll notice a door directly in front of you.

Where is the safe Chapter 9 the evil within?

Piano room safe code is 11 on the upper dial, 2 on the lower dial. This unlocks a hidden door. Insert probe at left part of the brain now.

How do you use the green gel in the evil within?

The Green Gel you find throughout The Evil Within is used to level up. When at the hospital, you can sit in a chair that allows you to do so. Green Gel is found in various quantities, and killing bosses often rewards large amounts of it.

Where can I find the map fragment in the village?

Where to find it: Inside the main village area you can find a save room inside the rather large house on the right. Inside the save room you can find this map fragment on the floor. Very hard to miss. Where to find it: From the start of the chapter, head to the left. There are some stairs here leading up to a small cabin.

Where can I find the missing person map fragment?

Where to find it: After entering the save hub for the first time (and getting the newspaper / missing person report), head back to your cell and you will find this map fragment chilling out. Where to find it: After entering the save hub for the first time and getting the fragment up above, you’ll have to head to the nurse at the end of the hall.

Where can I find the powerful magnum map fragment?

Where to find it: At the start of the chapter you’ll make your way to a room with a jukebox and in the nearby room you can find the powerful magnum! This map fragment is on the wall near the magnum case.

Where can I find the map fragment in the ambulance?

This one is in the ambulance, immidiately on the right behind the door. Later in the level you will come to a hallway with blood stains on the floor. The map fragment is in one of the rooms leading away from this hallway. Down in the subway area you will find a door next to the ticket machines on the right-hand side.