What happened to the Firefly online game?

Fox gave their blessing to the game, but the studio ceased development following the announcement of an official release based on the Firefly franchise.

Is there a Firefly video game?

Steam’s Latest Hit Is Basically Firefly: The Video Game.

What platform is Firefly on?

Watch Firefly Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

How much did Firefall bus cost?

around $3 million
The bus was also meant to expand via hydraulics to increase its size, and BrutalWhimsy suggests that the project cost around $3 million.

Where can I watch the series Firefly?

Hulu Plus
Right now you can watch Firefly on Hulu Plus. You are able to stream Firefly by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.

Is Firefly streaming anywhere?

Where can I watch Firefly 2021?

Is Red 5 Studios closing?

California-based developer Red 5 Studios is closing down the servers of its MMO FPS Firefall as it turns its attention to a mobile adaptation of the game.

Is Firefly Online still in development?

Firefly Online is a vaporware strategic role-playing video game based on the Firefly franchise. It was being developed by Spark Plug Games and Quantum Mechanix for Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Although never officially cancelled, there have been no updates about the game’s release since March 2016.

Is the planned Firefly-inspired MMO real?

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Why do I need a Firefly account?

Your Firefly Account allows you to access or trial all of our great online products. If you do not already have an account, please sign up.

When is Firefly Online coming to PC and Mac?

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