What happened to the Cage of Death?

The Cage of Death at Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove almost lived up to its name when one of the cables failed and it plunged into the tank with a man and woman in it, the Northern Territory News reported.

Can you swim with crocodiles in Darwin?

For crocs, avoiding the spots where they roam is your only option. Darwin has very strict guidelines for crocodiles, with large warning signs for known croc waters, as well as information brochures shown to tourists frequently. Once you know the swimming spots are croc-free, you can go ahead and enjoy the waters!

How much is it to swim with crocodiles?

Fifteen minutes in the Cage of Death costs $170 per person or $130 each for two people. The price includes general entry to all attractions such as the world’s largest display of Australian reptiles, fishing for juvenile crocs, holding a baby crocodile, twice-daily feeding and a bite-force exhibit.

Did alligators used to be huge?

The research, published in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, found that the Deinosuchus, a lineage of the giant crocodilians from North America, grew up to 33 feet long and “was the largest carnivore in its ecosystem,” in the late Cretaceous period about 75 to 82 million years ago.

Is Mindil Beach Safe?

The ocean water of Darwin is enticing on a warm day so finding a patrolled beach where it’s safe to swim is a must. Mindil Beach, Casuarina Beach and Nightcliff Beach are all patrolled in the dry season.

Is it safe to swim in the ocean in Darwin?

Re: Is it safe to swim on Darwin beaches? The beaches are fairly safe during the Dry season, with the odd minor jelly fish sting! While Casuarina beach has plenty of sand it is fairly shallow and to walk out to get into water above your knee caps can be a far distance at low tides.

How long is the Super Croc?

Giant Hunter from Ancient Big Bend Swamps These are among the largest crocodiles ever known. With lengths of 40–50 feet and jaws studded with 6-inch teeth, these powerful predators were extraordinarily equipped to feed upon a variety of dinosaurs.