What happened to TASC?

In February 2015, Engility Holdings, Inc. announced that it had completed its acquisition of TASC, Inc. in an all-stock transaction valued at approximately $1.3 billion, including the assumption of net debt.

What is a TASC account?

MyCash is an individual cash account that securely holds your reimbursement funds until you spend or move them. On those rare occasions when you do not use your TASC Card to pay for an eligible employee benefits expense, simply submit a request for reimbursement through your TASC account or via the TASC Mobile App.

Why did I get a TASC Mastercard?

If you participate in your employer’s Plan and your employer has selected the TASC Card feature, you will receive a TASC Card automatically; your eligible dependent(s) may apply for dependent TASC cards.

Can I use my TASC card for gas?

Funds in MyCash can be used for benefits purchases if you have run out of MyBenefits funds. This dual use helps you avoid embarrassing card declines. It pays to have funds in MyCash! At gas stations, you must present your card to an attendant inside the gas station.

Can I use my TASC Card on Amazon?

Good news for Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account holders: You can use your HSA or FSA card to pay for eligible items on Amazon. Before ordering, just register your FSA or HSA card like you would for any card. Just be aware that some HSA cards must be registered as a credit card.

How does TASC reimbursement work?

If you pay for an eligible healthcare expense without using your TASC Card, your claim will be reimbursed directly to your MyCash account. Funds in MyCash may be accessed with the swipe of the TASC Card, withdrawn at an ATM, or transferred to a personal account.

What does a TASC Card cover?

Use your TASC Card to pay for healthcare-qualified expenses at clinics, optometrists, dentists, pharmacies, and other merchants with a healthcare inventory information approval system (IIAS) in place. It may also be used for some daycare and transportation account expenses.

What does TASC drug test for?

Some of the most commonly used drugs tested by TASC include: Cocaine. Marijuana. Opiates. Oxycodone.

What is TASC universal benefit account?

Our Universal Benefit Account offers more than 50 different benefits with one user experience, one card, and one app all from one vendor. From healthcare, fringe, education, wellness, giving accounts and more your options are virtually unlimited. Come see how we make benefits feel like benefits.

Can you withdraw money from a TASC Card?

You can withdraw your MyCash funds at any ATM (with a PIN) that displays the MasterCard brand. To request a PIN, log in to MyTASC and click Manage My Card. Transfer! It’s easy to move your money when you need funds back in your bank account or you want to help out a friend.


It’ll save you money and help you plan for future medical expenses. TASC HSA is a tax-advantaged investment vehicle that offers three separate tax benefits: 1. Contributions into an HSA are pre-tax.

What happens at a TASC evaluation?

A court-ordered evaluation typically consists of a detailed interview with a certified treatment provider. The provider also reviews the offender’s substance abuse and criminal history, driving record, and the arrest report. Sometimes the offender is required to provide a drug and alcohol urinalysis screening as well.

How do I contact TASC?


What is TASC Madison WI?

As the nation’s largest privately held third party benefits administrator TASC has a mission to improve the health, wealth and well being of its customers, employees, and communities.

What are FSA funds?

A Flexible Spending Account (also known as a flexible spending arrangement) is a special account you put money into that you use to pay for certain out-of-pocket health care costs. You don’t pay taxes on this money. Employers may make contributions to your FSA, but aren’t required to.

What can I buy with leftover FSA money?

15 surprising things you can buy with your leftover FSA dollars

  • Acne treatments. If you use any over-the-counter acne creams, cleansers or serums, you can probably use your FSA dollars to purchase them.
  • Air quality products.
  • Alternative medicine procedures.
  • Ancestry kits with health reports.
  • Antibacterial ointments.
  • Baby products.
  • Dental procedures.
  • Eye care.

Why is my TASC card declined?

There are not enough funds in the account. 2. The card was swiped as a “debit” card. (When using signature debit, you should select “credit” as an option, not “debit.” At an ATM, withdraw from “savings.”) 3.

Is the TASC test the same as GED?

In many states, such as New York, West Virginia, and Indiana, the TASC (short for Test Assessing Secondary Completion) has replaced the GED completely. Students living in those states who are pursuing their high-school equivalency can no longer take the GED exam — they must take the TASC instead.