What happened to Sho Baraka?

Sho is now a part of the music & art group High Society with Swoope, J.R., & Suzy Rock. Lewis announced that he would release a new album, Talented Xth, on January 1, 2013. On June 14, 2016, he signed with Christian hip-hop label, Humble Beast.

How old is Sho Baraka?

43 years (January 10, 1979)Sho Baraka / Age

Who is sho the rapper?

Sho Sakurai (櫻井 翔, Sakurai Shō) (born January 25, 1982) is a Japanese singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, news anchor, host and former radio host.

Who is in charge of Reach Records?

In addition to Lecrae, the Reach Records roster contains artists like Tedashii, Trip Lee, Andy Mineo, 1K Phew, WHATUPRG, Wande, and Hulvey….

Reach Records
Founder Lecrae, Ben Washer
Genre Christian hip hop
Country of origin United States
Location Atlanta, Georgia

How old is sho fire force?

Shō Kusakabe

Shō Kusakabe Edit
Type Fourth Generation
Birth Date December 25 (Capricorn)
Age 14
Height 145 cm (4′ 9″)

Is lecrae a Baptist?

Lecrae, in reference to him being labelled as a Christian rapper, has stated that his music is just hip hop, though it reflects his Christian faith….

Children 3
Musical career
Genres Christian hip hop rap Southern hip hop pop rap
Labels Cross Movement Reach Columbia

Does SHO join the fire force?

After breaking out of this state and finding out about his history, Shō decided to join his brother and assist the Special Fire Force in taking down the White Clad, until being teleported to Adolla after the reinitialization of the Great Cataclysm.

What do you mean by Sho?

A station house officer (SHO) is the officer in charge of a police station in India and Pakistan. The SHO holds the rank of inspector or sub-inspector. In India, the law permits a station house officer to conduct the investigation of crimes. As of February 2019, there are 15,650 police stations in India.

Is KB with Reach Records?

Kevin Elijah Burgess (born July 21, 1988), better known by his stage name KB, is an American Christian hip hop artist and music executive from St. Petersburg, Florida. He is the leader of the hip-hop group HGA. He signed a solo artist contract to Reach Records in 2010.

Who is Andy Mineo signed to?

Reach RecordsAndy Mineo / Record label

Is Sho a villain?

Type of Villain Shō Kusakabe, also known as the Third Pillar, is a major antagonist in Fire Force, and the younger brother of the main protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe.