What happened to BMI airlines?

BMI Regional was sold to Sector Aviation Holdings in May 2012 and operated under the “flybmi” brand until it went into administration on 16 February 2019, whereas Bmibaby closed down in September 2012.

What happened to BMI A330?

After Thomas Cook faced bankruptcy and the airline ceased operations, the A330 returned to the leasing company Aviation Capital Group. It has not returned to airline service and remains stored at Newquay Cornwall Airport. With an age of just over 20 years, it may still do.

Is British Midland still operating?

It was one of the larger UK-based airlines, operating up to 13% of all Heathrow slots at its peak. It ceased operations in 2012, following financial difficulties, and was acquired by IAG, the owner of British Airways. While some of its aircraft and routes remain, the brand is now long gone.

Who bought BMI airlines?

International Airlines Group
International Airlines Group, the parent of British Airways, has completed the acquisition of bmi but will receive a “significant” discount after two unwanted subsidiaries were folded into the deal.

What happened to Bmibaby?

Following the takeover of BMI and its subsidiaries by IAG in April 2012, it was announced on 3 May 2012 that Bmibaby would be shut down in September 2012, with many flights ceasing to operate with effect from 11 June. Bmibaby’s final flight, from M├ílaga to East Midlands, operated on 9 September 2012.

What happened to BMI Baby?

What does BMI Baby stand for?

British Midland International Headquarters Donington Hall
British Midland International. Headquarters. Donington Hall (HQ)

What happened to bmibaby planes?

Bmibaby held a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority Type A Operating Licence, and was permitted to carry passengers, cargo and mail on aircraft with 20 or more seats….Bmibaby.

Ceased operations 9 September 2012
Operating bases Birmingham Airport East Midlands Airport (Largest Base)